Thursday, 14 November 2013

Lush Hair Extensions Update!


As you may know, in January, I posted a hair extension show and tell. You will know if you read that post, I am obsessed with hair extensions! My hair has actually grown significantly since I started wearing them when I was 14 but I do still wear extensions, mostly on nights out or at weekends now, but they are still an important item in my life and I really couldn't do without them now!

So, today, in this post, I am going to update you guys on the extensions I bought from Lush in January, how they are holding up, then tell you about the new set I bought from Lush just last week.

The Old Set

I bought this set of extensions in January this year and they have lasted me quite well. As I said above, as my natural hair has grown quite a lot, and because my work requires me to wear my hair up, I haven't been wearing hair extensions quite as much as I used to. Therefore, unlike previous sets, I haven't been wearing these extensions every single day, however I do wear them literally every weekend and most nights, so that gives you an idea of how long these extensions have lasted me.

(The Old Set Now After 10 Months Wear)

This particular set I bought in Deluxe 24" #2 Darkest Brown. 

With Lush, which I have now had six different sets of extensions from, I do find they have some split ends from brand new. As a personal preference, I like this as my natural hair does have split ends like most peoples' and so I think they blend better than all straight non-split extensions. One of the cons however, in my own opinion, of these extensions is that they don't remain consistently thick from clips to ends. This though, has to be one of the only bad points of these extensions for me.

(Condition of Extensions After 10 Months Wear)

Now, as you can see, when the extensions are about 10 months old, there are a lot more split ends and the ends are very dry, however, that really is expected when the hair has been curled, straightened, platted, waved, brushed, washed, etc, etc, etc and they are still wearable as I still use them along with a newer set to create thickness.

(How Ends Look After 10 Months of Wear)

The clips are literally my favorite thing about the extensions, they are larger than most other extension clips which is good because they are wider and they pull much less than the littler, more narrow ones. They are much more comfortable on the head and in all honesty are one of the main reasons I re-buy these hair extensions. Until last month, the clips on this set have lasted very very well. Only one clip has broken and that only happened last month, so i'm very happy with them.

(One Broken Clip After 10 Months Wear)

The New Set

Last week, i re-purchased from Lush. I bought the exact same set other than that I bought them in #4 Dark Brown because I've recently changed my hair colour a little.

As you can see, between the old set above and this new set, the new set is a lit longer as the old set lost a little of it's length over time through splitting, these ones are a little better and have less split ends.

A few comments I would have though are that this particular new set of extensions have shed quite a lot since I got them. I don't know if that's a weft problem with this specific set or if it's just shed a lot more than any other set I have bought from them however, they are still thick and weigh about what the site says they should so, that's all good!

However, one of the clips in this set, that I was so impressed with in previous sets, doesn't work! This is a  bad point for me as the clip doesn't work meaning that i'll have to replace it myself. I'll insert a picture of the broken clip:

As you can hopefully see, the little teeth on the comb of the clip are sort of crushed. This makes the clip only able to half shut and it doesn't grip the hair well at all :(. In the right-hand picture I've tried to compare the faulty clip (top clip) to a working clip (bottom clip) on the same set. You can see there is hardly any space between the teeth and the silicone band on the clip even when the clip is open, so it doesn't slide into the hair and doesn't keep the weft in your hair well.

However, as the extensions are as described on the website and they are still some my favorite extensions, things like this happen and it's easy enough for me to probably just sew a new clip on.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I still really love Lush hair extensions and I would most likely still re-purchase them. However, as I do find the longer sets from them a little on the thin side (although they do weigh as described!) for me personally, I would really like to try the Ultimate Deluxe set! 

I enjoy the softness of the extensions and I am so happy with my set I bought in January that have lasted me this long and are still wearable.

 I would definitely recommend Lush hair extensions if anyone is looking for some new hair so you can click to the exact extensions I purchased right here. They've also just launched their Holly Hanan range so if you have brightly coloured hair these are the extensions for you!

 I am always happy to hear your suggestions on hair extensions you recommend I should try as I am always on the look out for new extensions to feed my addiction so please me me know!!

Thank you all for reading!


Monday, 23 September 2013

Fashion Union Wishlist!


I don't know if you've seen a few of these posts already but Fashion Union are currently running a little(HUGE!) competition for one lucky winner to win £500 to spend on Fashion Union clothing! Whaaat?! If you haven't heard of, or haven't checked their sexy 'New In' section for this season you definitely want to do that, and you can click right HERE to their website.

Obviously, my love of fashion and my love of Fashion Union meant that I HAD to take part in this opportunity. I love almost everything from Fashion Union at the moment, they are so on trend and such amazing prices but here is my wishlist with my ultimate faves of the moment:

~*asymmetrical - I clearly can't spell, i'm ok with it haha!*~ 

I love these items too much I literally need them!

If you too love Fashion Union and you want to get in on the action you can enter this amazing competition by clicking your beautiful fingers right HERE. Entries have to be submitted by Monday 30th September 2013 before 5pm.

As if the competition wasn't enough, if you're not a blogger, or you don't want to take part in the wishlist competition you can still get free delivery on any order you place for the rest of September!

Hope you like my wishlist and good luck if you enter too!

Lots of love

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Pictures of August!


As I haven't posted much this month (or last for that matter but we will let that slide!) I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you what August has consisted of for me in pictures!

You may, if you follow me on instagram (Ashlee_yy), have seen some of these already as I'm rather obsessed with taking pictures and uploading them to insta! Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Explanations from top left to bottom right:

The first picture is the beautiful view on one of my runs along the rail way track. Literally one of the only things I love about living in the countryside. 

Then we have my new white blazer and pink top. Obviously I've shopped a lot during August, as I do every month! But this has been one of my faves, I've wanted a white blazer for the longest time and this topshop one is just beaut!

Nandos. What more can I say, I'm obsessed!

New top, but most of all fave lipstick! You all know since I bought Rimmel's Apocalips lip colour I haven't been the biggest fan, but this month it really is growing on me in the colour galaxy and I have to admit it has been my most worn.

Eggs. I have been trying to eat healthy, workout loads and hopefully loose my fatty wee tummy! I used to hate eggs but I've been experimenting and I can honestly say, I no longer despise them.

Pink sky at night. See, the most beautiful thing about countryside living is the views. So pretty!

Scone with eyes? Yes, I'm mature. You will have seen from my birthday haul that my sister got me these edible eyes and obviously I've been sticking them on all of my families food.

This has been one of my favourite hair styles this month, so easy to do, so comfortable and still looks cute. Sometimes I just wear the doughnut alone but I think the bow adds a girly cute touch to boring outfit days.

Lastly, my new Chanel nail polish phone case. I've been loving this thing to bits. Its downfall would be that it scratched so easily but, what did I expect for under a fiver? 

Anyway, there has been my favourites for the month of August!
Hope you enjoyed them,
What have your favourites been this month?


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Primark A/W13 Wishlist!

Hello Beauties

So, if you follow me on twitter (@labellavida2), you will have seen my latest rant about Primark's rising prices. I know this has been happening for a while but i just feel now, that Primark is pretty much, with the occasional cheap little gem, the same as every other high street shop in regards to it's pricing.

I obviously have noticed the prices going up in there over some time now however looking at their A/W collection for this year has made me realise just now much, and you will see what i mean on the products i show where the prices are known!

Regardless, i still like some of Primarks collection and i thought i would share bits and bobs of it that i will probably purchase throughout AW for myself!

Strap Boots £18
Buckle Boots £18

Sweatshirt £8
Monochrome Jumper
Rose Print Jumper
Bead Blouse £14

Baroque Shorts £10
Denim Shorts £12
Black Quilted Knee Trousers
Tie-Dye Skinnies
Printed Skirt £4

Pink Biker Jacket £25
PU Sleeve Jacket
Jewel Cardigan £18
Baby Pink Coat £25

Sapphire Necklace £8
Blue Jewel Necklace
Wool Fedora £8
Chain Beanie £3
Studded Bag £20

If you want to view these items or see more of the Primark A/W13 collection you can do that here :).

Which of my top picks is your favourite?
(credit for all images used in this post goes to and all items can be found at this link: Look)

Monday, 19 August 2013

Happy Birthday!

Hello All

This is the most belated Birthday haul ever but, i thought i would quickly show you all what i got for my birthday! I think you all know me by now to know that i am in no way bragging, i'm extremely grateful for everything i receive from anyone and i am doing this post to show my appreciation not to brag or anything like that! So here goes!

So firstly my mam bought me this beautiful Topshop jacket which i have wanted for the longest time but just didn't want to part with £60 for it, so my beautiful mother bought it for me. 

My little sister (not so little) bought me these amazzzing Miss Selfridge shorts:

And these crazy presents, very typical of my sister and I:
Stick on food eyes, to be mature and make our food come to life.
A cute chocolate bar.
Finger Moustaches.

I love these presents, she knows me too well! 
My love for moustaches will never end! My friends and I went out for my birthday and we each wore a moustache on our fingers hence why a few are missing in the picture.
Here's me wearing mine, i've cut my friends out as i'm not sure they will all want publicised on my blog haha!:

Ok, my step-dad and my mum put a little box together for me filled with loads of the things i love! I love little cute thoughtful presents like this! As it was full of little goodies i've only included a little sample of pictures of what was inside as i would be here all day if i were to show you everything!

Then, my lovely boyfriend gave me loads of beautiful things including this massive lot:

I was in love with both of these Mean Girls themed tops and i had no idea he was getting me the shoes but he knows me too well, i love them!

However some of my fave presents aside from my mums and my sisters, were these two from Sean:

Crown Links of London charm for my bracelet.


Amazing crystal bra. I am overly in love with this, what girl wouldn't like a crystal encrusted, sequinned, beaded bra? It looks so beautiful under low arm-holed tops or low cut, backless tops and makes a statement to simple outfits. I am yet to wear it out but when i do i will be sure to post how i style it!

Thats pretty much everything i got for my birthday!
I love everyone who got me presents and wished me a happy birthday and i truly had a lovely day!
Hope you all enjoyed this haul, i have loads of hauls and reviews coming so stay tuned!


Monday, 29 July 2013

Don't Be Such A Mermaid!


Guys, I am so, so, so a million times over sorry for my complete missing in action behaviour! I've been so stressed and busy this month with jobs and my over crazy mind! It has also been my birthday and a lot has been going on so i just have taken a teeny tiny break from blogging and i'm straight back on it!

I am fully back on this now, i just feel you guys really deserve this apology as i have been gone the whole of July! So thank you all very much for not giving up on me just yet :).

Please keep tuned as loads of posts are coming very soon, including what i got for my birthday last week ;).

Any post requests please do also send them my way!

I'll leave you with a hint of what July has consisted of for me now i'm 23! (so old, haha!)...


Saturday, 29 June 2013

Festival Fashion!


So the focus of this post is to put forward a few different festival appropriate outfits within different price ranges to let you see what's out there and give everyone an option for their budget! I'm not going to waffle on today, i'm just going to get straight to the outfits!

Outfit 1
Cheap But Chic

All £5 each from

Heart Print Jacket // Here
Pink Shorts // Here
Wellies // Here

Outfit 2
Bright & Bold

Denim Jacket // Topshop £45 Here
Crop Vest // Topshop £24 Here
Lace Panel Shorts // Missguided £24.99 Here
Floral Wellies // Fruugo £16.49 Here

Outfit 3
Subtle Florals

Floral Top // Topshop £30 Here
Biker Boots // ASOS £35 Here
High Waisted Skinnies // Missguided £24.99 Here

Outfit 4
Aztec Cutie

All Miss Selfridge

Shorts // £32 Here
Gilet // £22 Here
Aztec Crop // £10 Here
Boots // £20 Here

Outfit 5
Darling Daisy

Daisy Print Skirt // Urban Outfitters £35 Here
Bowler Hat // H&M £7.99 Here
Creepers // Barratts £20 Here
See Through Mac // Topshop £36 Here
Fringed Bag // Next £28 Here

Would you wear any of these festival outfits?
Which one is your favourite?

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Birthday Wishlist!

Hello Beautiful

So, it's my birthday next month! And, although i say i don't want to celebrate anymore now that i'm too far past 21, i still want presents, obviously, haha!

Just kidding, i'm not putting this out there for people to buy me presents, i'm just using it as a normal wishlist but as people have asked me what i would like or what i am receiving for my birthday i thought i would just share the things i'm loving at the moment in a wishlist :), so here it is:

I'll go through the items above in order from top left to bottom right and if you love anything and want to buy if for yourself or to buy as a little present for someone you know then simply click the pink writing and it will take you straight to it:

Tiara Charm // Links of London
Neon Yellow Skater Skirt // Missguided
Mega Platform Shoe // Amazon
MAC Studio Fix Fluid in Colour NC20 // MAC
Chanel Hair Mist // Selfridges
Black Skater Skirt // Amazon
You Can Sit With Us Crop // Amazon
Infinity Type Ring // Various such as Here

So basically, i have liked most of these things for a long time now:

I love my Links bracelet so i love looking through the charms, i like a lot of them on the website just now such as the hedgehog with the apple, the chic handbag and this cute little tiara. Even at 23this July, i still like to think of myself as a princess, haha!

The passport is obviously because i want to go on holiday, i'm planning on bribing my mum into paying for this one for me for my birthday as she has no idea what to get me and it is something worthwhile getting, that i actually need and will use!

Crystal bra, i'm obsessed with these just now, like literally in love. I suppose they could look trashy but i think worn in the right way they are really pretty and can really add sparkle to simple outfits. I just think they're really cute and i desperately need to get my hands on one!

This yellow skater skirt has also been on my wishlist for a while, i love absolutely anything that is yellow just now for some reason and this bright skater has to be mine! Love it and it's so affordable.

These platform shoes are massive, and might break my ankle but i think shoes like this look really cute with skinny jeans and a nice top on a night out and i need a new pair of closed toe black heels to replace my Primark ones which absolutely kill my feet like nothing else!

MAC studio fix fluid is a foundation i love and i just want to go back to it after using Max Factor for some while now, we all need a change every once in a while!

The Chanel Hair Mist obviously isn't essential ad is probably quite a waste of money as i could just use my perfume to mist through my hair, i just thought this was a cool idea for hair lovers and a good present to give anyone you know who likes this kind of thing.

Can't have too many skater skirts and i actually own loads, none of which are black! This one is particularly cheap and well worth a purchase as a wardrobe staple!

You Can't Sit With Us Crop - Literally my favourite saying and movie quote, i've wanted this top for ages and ages so quirky and simple and yet again Amazon have come up trumps! Love it.

Infinity Ring - I look at infinity rings online all the time and i think they are so cute! I have always wanted a really simple cute one maybe with a little bit of sparkle on one side or something and i love the ones that are engraved in the inside, so personal and sweet! Some i have seen online have "I Love You", "Best Friends", "Forever" or some personal sayings engraved inside just for the person you are giving to. Too cute. Probably wouldn't pay a lot for one of these unless it's for something really special, i just really like the affordable cute ones like the one i've linked above :).

So that's basically my July wishlist! Which items do you like from it?

Would you like to give or receive any of these items as a gift?

Thursday, 20 June 2013

YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils Baby Doll Mascara Review!

Hey ladies!

Last weekend my £5 credit on my Debenhams beauty club card was about to run out, so as you can imagine, in a mad rush, i had to get to Debenhams and buy some makeup!

I browsed for ages as there is nothing i really wanted to get, but then i saw this little beauty and it was pretty much love at first sight, i had to have it.

It is the YSL Baby Doll Mascara, this retails for £24.50 in Debenhams but with my £5 points balance i picked it up for £19.50.

First of all, can we all just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of YSL's packaging. So simple yet effective. Packaging always draws me to a product and will often be a deciding factor in my actually buying it and YSL never fail me on that front.

The mascara itself is applied using a plastic wand with short spikes all over. Personally, plastic wands are my prefered mascara applicator over brushes and bristle wands so this was a plus for myself.

To show you one coat of this compared to my natural eyelashes with no makeup on:

No Mascara (creepy)

 Left Eye Mascara, Right Eye None

Both Eyes Mascara

 From Underneath the Lashes

I think these pictures give you a good look at the coverage and the lengthening properties of the mascara and you can really see that they accentuate my lashes quite a lot.

I think the easiest way to do this is to just tell you guys my own personal pro's and con's of this mascara and you can tell me your opinions too! So here goes:


Comes in four different shades so suits a lot of different people's needs.
Beautiful packaging.
Really lengthening.
Hardly any clumping at all and no flaking so far.
Nice formula, not sticky or too wet.
Nice smell!
Pretty name, i'm a sucker for names!


The price, i really cannot justify even £19.50 on a mascara never mind it's full price of £24.50.
It in comparison to YSL Shocking, not sure if i like it better, or the same?
I also am unsure if i like it better or just the same as my much cheaper L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic.

So, although there are more Pro's than Con's and i really do like this mascara a lot, i have to admit i probably won't repurchase as, to me, this is just not worth the price. Don't get me wrong, it's lovely and it really does look good on the eyes but is it the best? In my opinion, i like it just the same as i like my all time L'Oreal fave.

I don't regret this purchase though as i love YSL products and i do love this mascara too.

Have you tried YSL Baby Doll mascara?
What are your opinions?

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream Review!


If you follow me on twitter you will know that i am a massive fake tan fan! 

I love being bronzed. I know some people don't and they are all for embracing the white but for me, being as pale as a milk bottle is not what i am after! I get so excited when new bronzing, fake tan or tinted products come out and i have to literally try them all!

So, while i was in boots walking past the Bourjois stand i noticed this little beauty:

Here is a swatch on my hand of the product pumped straight from the bottle, rubbed in, then blended to my hand. 

The colour is actually quite scary when you first pump it out of the bottle and initially i was scared to even put this on my face! But as you can see, when it is properly blended it just gives a sheer tint to my hand as if i have a subtle tan.

The product is a facial bronzer that only comes in one universal 'adapting' shade and it claims to have 8 benefits in one bottle!

These are:
1/ Evens Skin Tone.
2/ Sheer Tint.
3/ Boosts Radiance.
4/ 16 Hour Moisturisation.
5/ Smooths Skin.
6/ Prolongs Tan.
7/ SPF 15.
8/ Refreshing Sensation.
All of these are appealing qualities to me that really make me want this product so i just had to pick it up while it was on a special introductory price of £6.99.

I decided to put all eight claims of this product to the test for you guys so here goes:

Looking a lot more tanned and healthy!

I do find this product needs quite a lot of blending to achieve an acceptable colour using a very little amount of product if you begin with skin as white as mine. I don't think i would be able to wear this on my face alone with no other makeup on a normal day though as it's just not enough coverage for me, maybe if i was on holiday or had a nice tan already!

Anyway, onto testing the eight claims since i have now tried the product out!

1/Evens Skin Tone?

I already have pretty even skin tone to be honest but this does mask my little red blemishes a bit and gives a much more even, healthy complexion.

2/Sheer Tint?

So you can already see that the tint is sheer as you can still see my face, it's not cakey at all and it gives a nice subtle glow about the face. Would be amazing for a subtle sun kissed look while sunbathing on holiday as it is really light on the face.

3/ Boosts Radiance?

It does make your skin look a bit more radiant and light, it gives a sort of dewy look and makes you look a lot more fresh which i love about this.

4/ 16 Hour Moisturisation?

So i left this on all day and my skin does feel nice and soft but i don't have dry skin on my face really anyway and makeup doesn't really drastically affect the hydration of my skin usually, but extra moisturisation is always a bonus!

5/ Smooths Skin?

This one is a hard one to prove. My skin is pretty smooth anyway i think and as this product is pretty thin it's difficult to tell if it makes your skin look more smooth or not? I'd say my skin looks as smooth as my skin looked before. It definitely feels smooth and soft with this on.

6/ Prolongs Tan?

Impossible for me to say that my tan has been prolonged as i don't have a tan on my face due to Scottish weather, haha! But it does make me look like i have a subtle tan and glow about myself which i really like.

7/ SPF 15?

SPF content is a major factor for me in picking facial products so this is always a good one!

8/ Refreshing Sensation?

This one is a good one too as it does feel sort of cooling and refreshing on the skin and i think especially when it is really warm outside this will be the perfect product! It stays quite wet (not annoyingly so) on the skin which is really refreshing too.

It also claims on the bottle to have an 'Addictive Fragrance' which to me smells exactly like the Bourjois Bronzing Powder which is my all time favourite bronzer and smells delicious like chocolate!

Overall Opinions

Basically i do really love this product and i think in the Summer months when it is a lot warmer i will use this a lot more. For now, i think my face still needs a little more coverage than this gives me so i have been using it as a bronzer and contour over my usual heavy coverage foundation which looks like this:

Using it like this, i really like! It defines my cheek bones and gives me a healthy tint to my cheeks on top of my usual foundation and powder.

So, overall i really like the product both on it's own when i want a thin layer of makeup on hotter days as well as over a base of foundation as a bronzer and cheek bone contour when i want a heavier coverage.

What i would say though, is that a LITTLE product goes a VERY long way, it is a dark cream and if you use too much on skin as white as mine you do look a bit daft! So i would say work with a tiny bit at a time and build if you want more as it is easy to go overboard with this product and look a bit like an oompa loompa!

Have you tried this?
If not, will you be?

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