Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Pastel Hair!

Hey Ladies 

So i don't know about you guys, but when i get bored i get really crazy ideas in my head and just decide to do random things.
Today, my random decision was to 'chalk' my hair after seeing images online while searching for dip dyed styles.

I have had loads of questions on how i did this since i posted a picture on various social networking sites so i thought i would do a quick blog post showing you a few simple steps so you can do it too!

I'm not going to lie and say this was quick and easy though. As i have really dark hair it took me quite a while and the pink was a nightmare but if you bare with it and do it a couple of times it is really quite simple and effective! So here goes :):

What you need:
A spray bottle filled with water (unless you're blonde, don't bother with this if you are).
Soft Pastel Chalks, or Hair Chalks.
A towel.
A brush.
Latex Gloves.

What you do:
Basically, you get your pastels and you pick your colours. I'm using a pink one and a blue one from this set i picked up for £3.99 from a shop near me called "the works" but you can find cheap sets like this online.

Then you have all your stuff ready and put on your gloves (this isn't essential but your hands do get pretty minging!). Also wear old clothing, it does transfer onto them, even when you're finished, but it washes off.

This is when it gets messy! What you want to do is get scared, like my face clearly demonstrates in this picture.. and make sure, like me, you have a towel around you to protect your clothing and neck.

(haha! No shame!)

So you want to section your hair into small sections and spray each section with water as you go. As i said, if you are blonde you probably won't need the water as the chalk is going to take to your hair much easier than it took to mine! I needed a lot of water!

While the section is wet, you want to run your chosen colour of chalk over it in one direction down the hair. Chalk is going to dry your hair a bit so make sure you don't rub up and down as this will matte your hair, just rub in one direction. You might need more water at this point if you are using more than one colour like i did.

Once you have finished that section, just move it out of the way and let it dry while you move onto another section. You want to do this all the way round your head to all the parts you want coloured and let it all dry.

When your hair is dry, it will probably literally be quite dry as the chalk drys your ends a bit and mine ended up looking like this:

Wait until your hair is completely dry and brush through. Brushing is going to cause chalk powder to go everywhere so do it over a bag or some paper or something, then use some form of heat tool (curlers, waver, straightner) to style and seal in some of the colour!

Then you have to clean up the major mess this makes, haha!

And you should end up with something like this :):

If you don't want to use artist's soft pastels like me you do get actual hair chalks online like here but i reckon they are just really the same thing!

I wouldn't reccomend street chalk as this probably isn't going to be pigmented enough, particularly for dark hair like mine.

Some people worry that this is bad for my hair but the worst i think it has done is dry the ends slightly! It washes out fine and hasn't seemed to have done anything else!

Obviously this isn't permanent and will wash out as soon as you want.

Overall, i really love the effect i ended up with and i will definitely try chalking again despite the mess i made!

Have you or are you going to try hair chalking? Make sure you send me pictures on twitter if you do!


  1. Omfg, that's the cutest thing ever! I've been itching to try something new with my hair so I might give this a go! Thanks for sharing :) XX

    1. Aw thanks, i loved it, was so sad to wash it out, haha!
      If you give it a go be sure to tweet me a pic ;).

  2. I love this, great tutorial - looks super pretty! X


  3. Love this idea!

  4. That's awesome, love your blog!

    By the way, where'd you get those disposable gloves? Never seen red ones before, that's cool!

    1. Thanks love.

      Believe it or not they're actually from pound land! Have them in white, this pinky red and purple!


  5. I love this! It looks amazing x

  6. Wow never heard of this before! Looks amazing xx

    1. You should try it, just washes back out :).


  7. it looks so gorgeous on you! can't wait to try it xx

    1. Tweet me a picture when you do, I'd love to see it :-) xx

  8. I love how creative you are! I love this post, it looks fantastic with the dip dyed effect on your gorgeous long hair. So pretty! xx

    1. Gem you are far too nice! Haha, thank you babe xxx


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