Monday, 23 September 2013

Fashion Union Wishlist!


I don't know if you've seen a few of these posts already but Fashion Union are currently running a little(HUGE!) competition for one lucky winner to win £500 to spend on Fashion Union clothing! Whaaat?! If you haven't heard of, or haven't checked their sexy 'New In' section for this season you definitely want to do that, and you can click right HERE to their website.

Obviously, my love of fashion and my love of Fashion Union meant that I HAD to take part in this opportunity. I love almost everything from Fashion Union at the moment, they are so on trend and such amazing prices but here is my wishlist with my ultimate faves of the moment:

~*asymmetrical - I clearly can't spell, i'm ok with it haha!*~ 

I love these items too much I literally need them!

If you too love Fashion Union and you want to get in on the action you can enter this amazing competition by clicking your beautiful fingers right HERE. Entries have to be submitted by Monday 30th September 2013 before 5pm.

As if the competition wasn't enough, if you're not a blogger, or you don't want to take part in the wishlist competition you can still get free delivery on any order you place for the rest of September!

Hope you like my wishlist and good luck if you enter too!

Lots of love