Monday, 19 August 2013

Happy Birthday!

Hello All

This is the most belated Birthday haul ever but, i thought i would quickly show you all what i got for my birthday! I think you all know me by now to know that i am in no way bragging, i'm extremely grateful for everything i receive from anyone and i am doing this post to show my appreciation not to brag or anything like that! So here goes!

So firstly my mam bought me this beautiful Topshop jacket which i have wanted for the longest time but just didn't want to part with £60 for it, so my beautiful mother bought it for me. 

My little sister (not so little) bought me these amazzzing Miss Selfridge shorts:

And these crazy presents, very typical of my sister and I:
Stick on food eyes, to be mature and make our food come to life.
A cute chocolate bar.
Finger Moustaches.

I love these presents, she knows me too well! 
My love for moustaches will never end! My friends and I went out for my birthday and we each wore a moustache on our fingers hence why a few are missing in the picture.
Here's me wearing mine, i've cut my friends out as i'm not sure they will all want publicised on my blog haha!:

Ok, my step-dad and my mum put a little box together for me filled with loads of the things i love! I love little cute thoughtful presents like this! As it was full of little goodies i've only included a little sample of pictures of what was inside as i would be here all day if i were to show you everything!

Then, my lovely boyfriend gave me loads of beautiful things including this massive lot:

I was in love with both of these Mean Girls themed tops and i had no idea he was getting me the shoes but he knows me too well, i love them!

However some of my fave presents aside from my mums and my sisters, were these two from Sean:

Crown Links of London charm for my bracelet.


Amazing crystal bra. I am overly in love with this, what girl wouldn't like a crystal encrusted, sequinned, beaded bra? It looks so beautiful under low arm-holed tops or low cut, backless tops and makes a statement to simple outfits. I am yet to wear it out but when i do i will be sure to post how i style it!

Thats pretty much everything i got for my birthday!
I love everyone who got me presents and wished me a happy birthday and i truly had a lovely day!
Hope you all enjoyed this haul, i have loads of hauls and reviews coming so stay tuned!



  1. that bra is unbelievable! it's like your own personal disco ball hahaha


  2. happy birthday and best wishes!!


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