Monday, 29 October 2012

Style Me!


This weekend started as a bit of a let down which i'll quickly explain, so basically i was supposed to go out for Halloween with my friends, but due to illness and lack of money we decided just to not bother! So, needless to say, Saturday was a total bore until my boyfriend got back from a football game and we decided to go out for some strawberry margaritas and fajitas! I didn't get a picture of my outfit but i did get a picture of my posing mug:

Major cheesing..

Anyway, on Sunday, we went shopping in Glasgow. I didn't take too much money with me as i knew i would just spend it all so i just picked up a few pieces and decided to do a style me with one of them!

Basically, i'm going to show you a dress i bought from H&M and i'm going to pick pieces i own that i would wear with it to dress it up for a night look, and down for a day look.. Then i want you to tell me how you would style it!

I am unable to find the dress on the H&M website so i'm just going to use my own pictures and hope it portrays it as beautiful as it actually is!

Lighting again was not on my side so the photos show the dress a blueish colour up close when in reality it is more of a foresty, emerald green. I never go for green, in fact i hardly own any but i loved this dress!

So, onto styling it. For a day look, i decided that i would style it like this:

I've added a brown belt (New Look) to make the dress more casual, a brown handbag (vintage) and black studded flats (Primark). Since it is winter now in the UK i would probably throw my leather jacket or black blazer on over and maybe a scarf or snood and some black tights!

Now for night!

So for a night look i decided to pair the dress with my glittery stiletto heeled shoes (Schuh), matching clutch bag (Matalan) and diamante studded belt (River Island). I would probably throw my black blazer on too just to get to where ever i was going :).

Hope you like this type of post because i really enjoy doing them.
What did you do this weekend?
How would you style this green dress?
Would you like an OOTD with these outfits?



  1. that outfit looks gorgeous :) xx

  2. Absolutely love the style choices you've made in this post. Love love love the green dress.
    If it was me, I'd probably pair it with my shopper and suede ankles boots, but I really love the 'party' alternative you've shown xx

    1. Thank you. I did actually have it with my shopper but i changed my mind last minute to match the belt haha! xx

  3. Love this green dress ... I'd pair it with a bit of animal print, preferrably cheetah or leopard, maybe shoes or a clutch bag ... or put touches of brown/turqoise with it, maybe a really nice necklace? :) xx

    1. Yeah it would look lovely with leopard print shoes and a necklace too!xxx


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