Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Primark A/W13 Wishlist!

Hello Beauties

So, if you follow me on twitter (@labellavida2), you will have seen my latest rant about Primark's rising prices. I know this has been happening for a while but i just feel now, that Primark is pretty much, with the occasional cheap little gem, the same as every other high street shop in regards to it's pricing.

I obviously have noticed the prices going up in there over some time now however looking at their A/W collection for this year has made me realise just now much, and you will see what i mean on the products i show where the prices are known!

Regardless, i still like some of Primarks collection and i thought i would share bits and bobs of it that i will probably purchase throughout AW for myself!

Strap Boots £18
Buckle Boots £18

Sweatshirt £8
Monochrome Jumper
Rose Print Jumper
Bead Blouse £14

Baroque Shorts £10
Denim Shorts £12
Black Quilted Knee Trousers
Tie-Dye Skinnies
Printed Skirt £4

Pink Biker Jacket £25
PU Sleeve Jacket
Jewel Cardigan £18
Baby Pink Coat £25

Sapphire Necklace £8
Blue Jewel Necklace
Wool Fedora £8
Chain Beanie £3
Studded Bag £20

If you want to view these items or see more of the Primark A/W13 collection you can do that here :).

Which of my top picks is your favourite?
(credit for all images used in this post goes to look.co.uk and all items can be found at this link: Look)


  1. I think Primark has some nice pieces however they'll have to be careful about raising their prices too much as people shop there in the first place because it's cheap! xxx

    I left my heart in Miami

  2. Agreed. They need to draw the line somewhere before they become just as expensive as much better retailers. Xxx


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