Thursday, 14 November 2013

Lush Hair Extensions Update!


As you may know, in January, I posted a hair extension show and tell. You will know if you read that post, I am obsessed with hair extensions! My hair has actually grown significantly since I started wearing them when I was 14 but I do still wear extensions, mostly on nights out or at weekends now, but they are still an important item in my life and I really couldn't do without them now!

So, today, in this post, I am going to update you guys on the extensions I bought from Lush in January, how they are holding up, then tell you about the new set I bought from Lush just last week.

The Old Set

I bought this set of extensions in January this year and they have lasted me quite well. As I said above, as my natural hair has grown quite a lot, and because my work requires me to wear my hair up, I haven't been wearing hair extensions quite as much as I used to. Therefore, unlike previous sets, I haven't been wearing these extensions every single day, however I do wear them literally every weekend and most nights, so that gives you an idea of how long these extensions have lasted me.

(The Old Set Now After 10 Months Wear)

This particular set I bought in Deluxe 24" #2 Darkest Brown. 

With Lush, which I have now had six different sets of extensions from, I do find they have some split ends from brand new. As a personal preference, I like this as my natural hair does have split ends like most peoples' and so I think they blend better than all straight non-split extensions. One of the cons however, in my own opinion, of these extensions is that they don't remain consistently thick from clips to ends. This though, has to be one of the only bad points of these extensions for me.

(Condition of Extensions After 10 Months Wear)

Now, as you can see, when the extensions are about 10 months old, there are a lot more split ends and the ends are very dry, however, that really is expected when the hair has been curled, straightened, platted, waved, brushed, washed, etc, etc, etc and they are still wearable as I still use them along with a newer set to create thickness.

(How Ends Look After 10 Months of Wear)

The clips are literally my favorite thing about the extensions, they are larger than most other extension clips which is good because they are wider and they pull much less than the littler, more narrow ones. They are much more comfortable on the head and in all honesty are one of the main reasons I re-buy these hair extensions. Until last month, the clips on this set have lasted very very well. Only one clip has broken and that only happened last month, so i'm very happy with them.

(One Broken Clip After 10 Months Wear)

The New Set

Last week, i re-purchased from Lush. I bought the exact same set other than that I bought them in #4 Dark Brown because I've recently changed my hair colour a little.

As you can see, between the old set above and this new set, the new set is a lit longer as the old set lost a little of it's length over time through splitting, these ones are a little better and have less split ends.

A few comments I would have though are that this particular new set of extensions have shed quite a lot since I got them. I don't know if that's a weft problem with this specific set or if it's just shed a lot more than any other set I have bought from them however, they are still thick and weigh about what the site says they should so, that's all good!

However, one of the clips in this set, that I was so impressed with in previous sets, doesn't work! This is a  bad point for me as the clip doesn't work meaning that i'll have to replace it myself. I'll insert a picture of the broken clip:

As you can hopefully see, the little teeth on the comb of the clip are sort of crushed. This makes the clip only able to half shut and it doesn't grip the hair well at all :(. In the right-hand picture I've tried to compare the faulty clip (top clip) to a working clip (bottom clip) on the same set. You can see there is hardly any space between the teeth and the silicone band on the clip even when the clip is open, so it doesn't slide into the hair and doesn't keep the weft in your hair well.

However, as the extensions are as described on the website and they are still some my favorite extensions, things like this happen and it's easy enough for me to probably just sew a new clip on.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I still really love Lush hair extensions and I would most likely still re-purchase them. However, as I do find the longer sets from them a little on the thin side (although they do weigh as described!) for me personally, I would really like to try the Ultimate Deluxe set! 

I enjoy the softness of the extensions and I am so happy with my set I bought in January that have lasted me this long and are still wearable.

 I would definitely recommend Lush hair extensions if anyone is looking for some new hair so you can click to the exact extensions I purchased right here. They've also just launched their Holly Hanan range so if you have brightly coloured hair these are the extensions for you!

 I am always happy to hear your suggestions on hair extensions you recommend I should try as I am always on the look out for new extensions to feed my addiction so please me me know!!

Thank you all for reading!