Thursday, 27 December 2012

Boxing Day SALES!


Every year without fail, my mum and i hit the sales on boxing day so we headed out early morning and although I didn't end up with as many purchases as I normally do, I did get a few bits that I thought I would show you guys, so here goes :-):

Taking photos of myself is difficult just now without a tripod but I did include a few posy pics trying to show you some items :-)

So I spent ages in Next buying loads including..

Santa socks reduced from £6.50 to £2.

Blazer, tee and snood combo reduced from £32 to £14.

Heart jumper reduced from £28 to £14.

Fluffy berry cardigan reduced from £38 to £18.

Floral Blouse reduced from £15 to £7

Then I popped into Matalan where things were also half price or less and picked up:

Shorts reduced from £5 to £2.50. 

Red floaty short top reduced from £8 to £4.

Then I quickly ran into h&m where I didn't actually see anything exciting and only bought this scarf which I've wanted forever:

Mint scarf reduced to £4 from £8.

Then i also picked up some cute underwear from M&S and Matalan:

First pants M&S £2.50 reduced from £5.
Bra £3 reduced from £6.
Pants £1.20 reduced from £3.

I also picked up another blouse and top from Next which happen to be in the wash but i'm sure they will feature in a OOTD very soon!

Did you pick up anything in the sales?
If you did I would love to see so if you've blogged it leave me your link :-) 

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Gifts!

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and didn't eat too much!

I'm going to do a quick haul of the main gifts I was given! I am extremely grateful for every single gift I receive and am by no means bragging but if you feel as though I am or you just don't like this type of post then please don't read on!

With that said and done, here's what I got :-):

So my amazing mum and step dad, or 'santa' , bought me loads of gifts including the Dior perfume you can see, all the sweets of which I got more but I left them out of the pictures! The DVDs, makeup which you can only just see, snowflake origami? Pants, socks and pjammas! 

My lovely boyfriend got me the nexus 7, which I am currently writing this blog post with! A beautiful links of London charm fort my bracelet and the Marc Jacobs dot perfume that can just be seen in the first gift picture. 

I got loads more sweeties, socks, and money from other members of my family and friends too!

Thank you to everyone who gave me these presents! I am more than grateful and I love everything!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, what were your presents?

Love to all, from my new nexus7 ;-) 

(You'll all have to forgive me until I learn how to use this properly, haha!)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Pardon Moi?


I'm always always late finishing Christmas shopping and this year is no different, in fact, i'm actually doing a lot better than usual!

I'm just heading to town to pick up a few more things and i thought since i'm no longer major stressed about uni applications and work etc, i would take some quick pics of what i'm wearing before i run out the door!

Nude pink coloured 'Pardon Moi?' tee from Dorothy Perkins picked up recently in the sale for £3!

I wore it with my Leigh jeans, Boyfriend Blazer and my JC Lita Dupe Boots!

Tee: Dorothy Perkins £3
Leigh Jeans: Topshop £38
Boyfriend Blazer: H&M £19.99
Lita Dupes: £35

I'll be doing a nail post on my Christmas nails you can only slightly see in these pictures soon!

Hope your shopping is going better than mine!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Stocking Flillers for Him & for Her!


I've been a bit MIA recently as i've been ill and doing uni applications etc so i've not really had much to post about! 
Today however, i have been looking at gifts for my friends and family and thought i would share some little stocking filler ideas i liked for both men and women from different high street shops!

I'm going to start with stocking filler ideas for men:


Santa Ball Sweets: £3 here.
Wheres Wally Boxer Shorts: £12 here.
Split Photograph Camera: £18 here.
Ridleys Harmonica: £5 here.

Hoody Ipod Cover: £9 here.
Abbey Road Coasters: £12 here.
Tetris Light: £30 here.

Pin the Moustache on the Cowboy: £5 here.
Desktop Skittles: £4 here.
Decision Dice: £3.50 here.
And there all on 3 for 2!

Now for Women!


Silver Sequin Shorts: Now £15 here.
Christmas Pudding Beanie: £15 here.
Cream Faux Fur Snood: £30 here.
Red and Gold Nail Art Kit: £7.50 here.


Cinnamon Soap in a Tin: £5 here.
Fur Pin-Stud Bow Earmuffs: £14 here.
Ginger-Bread Man PJ Set: £26 here.


Baroque Bead & Sequin Clutch: £35 here.
Tatty Teddy All in One: £22.50 here.
Mandarin, Clove & Cinnamon Candle: £7.50 here.

Hope this gave you a few little ideas!

I'm thinking about doing a fashion gift guide for men and women if this would help anyone! I could even include children's fashion gift guides too if you wanted.

Hope you are getting on well with all your Christmas shopping!