Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Birthday Wishlist!

Hello Beautiful

So, it's my birthday next month! And, although i say i don't want to celebrate anymore now that i'm too far past 21, i still want presents, obviously, haha!

Just kidding, i'm not putting this out there for people to buy me presents, i'm just using it as a normal wishlist but as people have asked me what i would like or what i am receiving for my birthday i thought i would just share the things i'm loving at the moment in a wishlist :), so here it is:

I'll go through the items above in order from top left to bottom right and if you love anything and want to buy if for yourself or to buy as a little present for someone you know then simply click the pink writing and it will take you straight to it:

Tiara Charm // Links of London
Neon Yellow Skater Skirt // Missguided
Mega Platform Shoe // Amazon
MAC Studio Fix Fluid in Colour NC20 // MAC
Chanel Hair Mist // Selfridges
Black Skater Skirt // Amazon
You Can Sit With Us Crop // Amazon
Infinity Type Ring // Various such as Here

So basically, i have liked most of these things for a long time now:

I love my Links bracelet so i love looking through the charms, i like a lot of them on the website just now such as the hedgehog with the apple, the chic handbag and this cute little tiara. Even at 23this July, i still like to think of myself as a princess, haha!

The passport is obviously because i want to go on holiday, i'm planning on bribing my mum into paying for this one for me for my birthday as she has no idea what to get me and it is something worthwhile getting, that i actually need and will use!

Crystal bra, i'm obsessed with these just now, like literally in love. I suppose they could look trashy but i think worn in the right way they are really pretty and can really add sparkle to simple outfits. I just think they're really cute and i desperately need to get my hands on one!

This yellow skater skirt has also been on my wishlist for a while, i love absolutely anything that is yellow just now for some reason and this bright skater has to be mine! Love it and it's so affordable.

These platform shoes are massive, and might break my ankle but i think shoes like this look really cute with skinny jeans and a nice top on a night out and i need a new pair of closed toe black heels to replace my Primark ones which absolutely kill my feet like nothing else!

MAC studio fix fluid is a foundation i love and i just want to go back to it after using Max Factor for some while now, we all need a change every once in a while!

The Chanel Hair Mist obviously isn't essential ad is probably quite a waste of money as i could just use my perfume to mist through my hair, i just thought this was a cool idea for hair lovers and a good present to give anyone you know who likes this kind of thing.

Can't have too many skater skirts and i actually own loads, none of which are black! This one is particularly cheap and well worth a purchase as a wardrobe staple!

You Can't Sit With Us Crop - Literally my favourite saying and movie quote, i've wanted this top for ages and ages so quirky and simple and yet again Amazon have come up trumps! Love it.

Infinity Ring - I look at infinity rings online all the time and i think they are so cute! I have always wanted a really simple cute one maybe with a little bit of sparkle on one side or something and i love the ones that are engraved in the inside, so personal and sweet! Some i have seen online have "I Love You", "Best Friends", "Forever" or some personal sayings engraved inside just for the person you are giving to. Too cute. Probably wouldn't pay a lot for one of these unless it's for something really special, i just really like the affordable cute ones like the one i've linked above :).

So that's basically my July wishlist! Which items do you like from it?

Would you like to give or receive any of these items as a gift?


  1. Great products! I want them all too!
    I am now following you, please follow me back?
    I'm new to blogging so I'd appreciate any advice you have! :)
    Chloe xx

    1. Aw thank you hun,
      I'll give your blog a read!

  2. I really want MAC Studio Fix too! And the top is awesome, definitely one of the greatest film quotes ever! x

    1. Studio Fix is always a winner. I know, I def need the top!



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