Sunday, 31 March 2013

Massive Haul Number 2687ish..

...OK, maybe I haven't done quite as many hauls as that, but I do buy loads of new things that I can't even afford all the time, and its only manners to share them with you lot right? Rude not to! 

So this is a bit of a collective beauty and fashion haul from things I have bought over the past two/three weeks. All items mentioned should still be in the shops if you want to run and pick them up!

I'm not going to do this in any particular order of shopping trip etc, I'm just going to lump it all together and let you all see for yourselves:

OK I'll start with beauty shall I? All the beauty stuff in here is a mixture of different shops, I'll just go through it all quick!

OK so here we have:
Elf Makeup Lock & Seal - £3.75 here.
L'oreal False Lash Telescopic - £10.99 here.
 Max Factor Face Finity - £11.99 here.
Sure Compressed Deodorant - £2.10 here.
 St Moriz Instant Glitz - £2.99 here.
 Elf High Definition Powder - £6.00 here.
 Soap & Glory Sit Tight - £16.50 here.

Every single one of these apart from the deodorant is a repurchase. These are all products I've loved for absolutely ages and need in my life! If you do want me to do a review on any of these so you can see the product in more detail please do let me know! 

These were all a complete bargain! The small dotty tights you can just see lying at the front were £2 reduced from £5 from F&F at Tesco and I love them so much, they're a cute change from normal tights and at 100 denier they are great in this weather!

The mickey mouse printed tights were £3 from Primark and I've wanted them since I seen them on some of the little mix girls and thought they were so cute! 

The wonderbra was my major bargain! I've wanted this ultimate plunge bra in nude for forever as it will look really flattering under my mesh panel dress but I just couldn't justify the £34! However, a wee trip to Tkmaxx later and I have come away with this without even looking for it for £7.99! Could not be more chuffed!

This jewellery is all just random. I bought it all in a chain within Debenhams but I can't remember if it was Warehouse or Miss Selfridge or another! However I got two ear cuffs, the one still on the backing with the skull and the cross was on sale for £1.25 from £2.50, the other one with the pastel diamontes was £2 from £4 and the necklace with the spikes and pink stones was also £2 from £4, I think! I love them all, they're not usually what I'd go for but I thought they were pretty and I've always wanted to try an ear cuff so why not!

In other accessories I also picked up these:

These were all from Primark, the studded belt was reduced to £1 from 3, the other belt with the chain I think was still £3 and the glasses were also £3. I've never worn the glasses yet as obviously the weather has been pathetic, but I thought I'd throw in a wee pic of them on, still with tags n that! Haha.

Anyway, aside from me posing wishing it was summer, I'm eventually onto the fashion:

These are all from different shops, going to try and show each one as well as possible:

Cropped Bardot top £8 from

Wet look skater skirt £9.99 Missguided.

Free Spirit fringed crop top £3 Tkmaxx.

Textured white skater dress £14.99 H&M.

J'aime crop top £4 Primark.

Floral dress with crochet waist band £10 Primark.

Mint green waterfall front blazer £15 Primark.

I love all of these fashion pieces sooo much! 

You will also know if you read my last post, that this I was kindly sent these beautiful shoes from Barratts:

Spiked shoe boots* £32 here.

And that's pretty much all I've been buying! 
This post has taken me ages and I need to get going to town for more shopping ;-). Expect another haul very soon!

Have you been buying anything exciting recently?

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Spiky Booties!

Hello Ladies 

At my work, my boss refers to me as Imelda Marcos, who was said to own over 3000 pairs of shoes! She replied to this claim saying "I did not own three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty."

I wish I even owned half of that but, I do have a fair amount! Its like shoes call to me and make me buy them! I'm not being mental, come on girls, admit it, something in your head makes you suddenly need to blow all your wages on shoes rather than food for the month..

So, when I was asked if I wanted to review a pair of Barratts shoes, obviously my head, and every other part of me, jumped at the chance.

Picking a pair drove me mad as I literally love every shoe on their site, there is not one pair of flats, boots, heels, sandals, wellies I can say I would not buy! However, I eventually decided on these bad boys:

(please ignore my sock lines, haha)

You all know by now if you've read my blog from the beginning back in October last year, that I have an obsession for anything studded or spiky, therefore these shoe boots tick all my boxes! They are really well made and the spikes feel really secure so I have no worries that they will come loose after the first wear, unlike my much more expensive CJG shoes which did exactly that.

I really loved these in the leathery look version but unfortunately they didn't have those left in my size so I picked these suede-like ones instead. Whats worse, is that i am between two sizes and since receiving these I've realised that they are slightly too big for me so i could have got the leather ones in a 5. Oh well, can always have two pairs right ;)?

I picked these as I really love shoe boots but I don't really own any so I thought they would be a good change to my Lita dupes a which are forever on my feet! They go with everything and are really easy to dress down with casual jeans and an over-sized knit, or even to dress up and look a bit more edgy with a leather look skater skirt and a crop top for a night out. You can tailor them to the look you are going for as you can add them to a floral, bright girly outfit or go a bit more luxe leather and make them a bit more biker girl.

On the inside, these boots have smaller, flatter studs so that you don't spike yourself and the outside has pretty big, sharp spikes.

Overall, I could not recommend these boots more, they are super comfortable despite how high they are, they are really on trend, real eye catchers and really versatile. They are an amazing addition to my forever expanding footwear collection! ...Imelda who ;)?

You can buy these beauties for only £32 down from £40 right HERE or you can visit the Barratts home page and have a look around for yourself to see if anything takes your fancy as they have loads of lovely shoes right HERE.

Do you like spiked shoes or spikes in general? 
I don't think I'll ever get over them!

"Men I may not know, but shoes, shoes I know."
(Carrie Bradshaw)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Who Likes Short Shorts...

...apparently I do, even when its snowing outside! 

Yes, today, I really wanted to wear my denim shorts and new crop top, so, despite the snow, I did it! Just so you all know, I did wear two pairs of tights and I did wear a coat, I didn't freeze to death, in fact absolutely no one saw my crop top as I didn't remove my jacket once!

So I only went to town for a couple of hours but I thought before I left I would take a few quick pics! I'm not feeling amazing today so please excuse the lack of my face, I just wanted this ootd up as I have loaaads more planned to come!

So my top is from Primark, it says j'aime with a little Eiffel tower, it was £4, my tights are also from Primark, I have two pairs on each were £2, and my shorts are from River Island and were £25. Literally love these shorts too much! 


My little zipped Chelsea style boots were in the f&f sale and only cost me a tenner! Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos with my jacket on but, I just shoved my Mango boyfriend style jacket over with my faux fur sole and my black mittens to keep my hands warm!

Hope you like, as I say, more OOTD's to come, loads!

Hope you're all well, lots of love

Friday, 15 March 2013

Weekend Wishing - New Find Fashion Retailers!

Hello Beautiful 

Quick Note: Before i begin with this post, i'm sure you have all heard about the end of Google Reader which probably means that GFC will also go, obviously i would still love you all to follow me on GFC if you don't already but, if you like my blog please could you click the little box on the right hand side below my blog archive that says 'follow via bloglovin'. You would make my day and if you leave me your link i will definitely follow you back! Thank-you ♥.

Right, i know in my last post i was moaning about how much money i am constantly spending and my lack of job success however, that shouldn't stop me wishing, right?

So today's post is going to be a wish list post! Rather than go and buy the items i want, i am going to show them, look at them, probably cry that i don't own them, and move on... (or go buy them, the more likely outcome ;)!) 

This wishlist is a bit different however, as it is not going to include any high-street or really well known online stores, instead, i am going to focus it on smaller retailers or online boutiques as i think they sell and array of beautiful things and deserve a lot more recognition than they get! 

By this, i just mean i'm wanting to broaden my horizons from the likes of Topshop, River Island, Primark etc, and have been looking in different places!

Anyway, here is what i want:

First up, is this really quirky top from Birdy's Boutique! I love anything moustache so obviously i want this top! I have seen similar ones around town but i like the font of this one much better! This retails from Birdy's Boutique for £6.99 and you can purchase it by clicking right here. Please also follow them on twitter here.


I'm on a major hunt for cute, quirky crop-top's to go with my new RI high waisted shorts so, if you know of any please pass the link my way, i promise loads of OOTD's are coming with them! 

Anyway, this crop is from, i am in love with this print and i already have it in mini-dress form from Karma. It is very similar to body-suits i have seen in Miss Selfridge and it is a snip of the price! Follow Own the Runway on twitter here.


Talking of Karma and Crop-top's, i've fallen in love with this one. I'm so into crazy prints just now and i think this is just so quirky. I may have to purchase this but, i really am trying not to spend money! Cartoon and Monochrome all in one, what's not to love. Obviously you can purchase this clicking here, and you can follow Karma on twitter here.


I seriously have fallen in LOVE with the voodoo girl website. It has really different looking items and although i am in love with their voodoo barbie tee, i don't want to feature too much barbie! I am equally in love with this sleeveless shirt and think it would be amazing to dress down with jeans or even wear to the gym! I love everything about it. If you want this you can get it here, and follow them on twitter here.


I have a few things from already which i really need to feature in some OOTD's as i've never even worn them yet but, i really love this midi dress. It's simple but has a cute print, will be really cute in S/S13 and will be easy to dress up or dress down. They have loads of different quirky prints and styles and i know you know you want one so, go get one here, and follow them here


Doll Boutique Collection - Mean Girl So Fetch Couture T-Shirt in White with Black Print

So, i've only recently discovered Doll Boutique but i am in love with litterally everything they sell! Especially their Mean Girls themed clothing like this 'So Fetch' top, they even have a 'You Go Glen Coco' top, i NEED one in my life, this is why i need money! You can get this top, and their others here, and you can follow these beauties here.


Image of Lilac and Ivory Lace Scalloped Babydoll Dress by Kee Boutique

This dress, which i cannot stop looking at, needs to be mine. It is so cute! As is everything from thelittledeer, they sell both branded and vitage fashion and have a really cute website so please visit it here, and definitely follow them on twitter here, they deserve way more followers than they have!


Image of Ella Purple Heart Print Skirt

This is one of the cutest skirts every from one of the cutest websites ever! ModDolly is quirky website and has a range of different cute, really unique items. I really want this skirt and many more items from their site! You can check out all of ModDolly here and you should go follow them on twitter too, here!

I could list many more cute, quirky websites i have been browsing recently but looking at all the things i want from them and can't have is making me depressive!

If you like this kind of post and you find it useful to see alternative fashion retailers to the usual then please do let me know in the comments as i loved doing this and i love browsing around for fashion pretty much every day so i would love to do more!

As i said above somewhere, i really need to get myself together and get some OOTD's photographed with my new buys so i promise they're coming next!
Lots of Love

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Hello Lovelies! 

I'm just going to get straight to the point in this post and tell you all what i have been doing lately to get ready for summer, how i have been trying to tone up, eat healthier and show you my methods for keeping motivated! I will say now, that i am not an expert, in fact i'm a lazy cow at the best of times, but i have been trying and a lot of you have asked questions 'cos i go on and on on twitter etc so, here's some answers!

1. Why do i work out?

Ok, so i work out because i really want to be fitter and healthier this year and actually tone up for Summer and make an effort. I want to do this for myself and no one else because i want to feel better about myself and happier with my body. I want to boost my self confidence and loose my jiggly bits!

2. How often do i go to the gym?

I have a gym membership which i pay £51 a month for (this is for myself and my boyfriend so really i pay half of this, he pays the other) so i try to go to the gym as much as possible to make this worth my money! I also recently decided to go to various gym classes with my friend including BodyPump, and Bums Tums and Thighs. I really really could not reccomend that you try these classes more, they really help motivate me more than just working out alone in the gym and everyone else there helps you along and it is much more social! I love them.

3. Have i cut out all unhealthy food?

Of course not. I am a chocopizzaholic (made up word ;)), i cannot cut them out completely but what i have done is reduce my intake of them. I have a healthy week and have decided to make Sunday's my cheat day. Cheat days are a good idea as they allow you to enjoy the things you love, but not over indulge and they give you something to work towards. If i'm craving something sweet during the week i eat a cereal bar with not too much sugar or i simply eat some strawberries or grapes! One thing i have tried to completely cut from my diet is fizzy drinks and i'm doing pretty well! Maintaining a healthy diet and working hard shows results and that's what i work towards.

4. How do i snack healthily?

This one is hard for me. I eat when i'm bored rather than when i'm hungry, which i've tried to stop doing! If i am going to snack i try eat fruit, granola, crackerbreads or some blended fruits made into a fresh smoothie!  I also sometimes have Special K crisps, ryvita with pesto and tomato, carrots or cucumber sticks with low fat dip or low fat yogurts.

5. How do i keep motivated?

Ok, i have loads of steps that keep me motivated to exercise and keep healthy so i am going to bullet point them for you!

  • Pictures: Look at pictures of beaches and bikinis. This sounds mental, but looking at this reminds me that summer is coming and i would rather look good and not eat junk, than eat junk and look like a whale.

  • Friends: Working out with a friend is much easier than just working out alone, conversation can take your mind off the pain and tiredness and can help pass time quicker. It pushes you to work harder and you can motivate each other.  

  • Classes: Going to gym classes has really helped motivate me. Keeping up with the class really makes you work hard and pushes you. They are also really fun and social and are a good way of getting your days exercise done.

  • Music: This one is a given as most people find it easier to listen to music while exercising. I make a playlist dedicated to the gym and fill it full of upbeat songs that i am loving at the time. 

  • Fashion: This is a bit of a weird one but wearing nice sports wear to the gym genuinely makes me much happier about going and much more motivated to put it on and get out there! You should try it if you're a fashion lover like me, it might just help! 

  • Treats: This is my favourite motivational tool! I use this to get myself something i want, but make myself work for it. So say there is some makeup i want, i will set a goal for the month, and if i achieve this, i can then buy myself what i wanted. It helps push me to achieve and gets me some lovely treats! 

6. How do i fit exercise into my day?

Obviously everyone has other things to do with their time other than go to the gym, but if you really want something you go get it right? So if you really want that beach body you will find the time to go get it! Even if you can't fit the gym into your day you can always fit in an extra walk somewhere or a jog at night, even half an hour of a fitness DVD. You just have to dedicate time that may previously have been dedicated to something else and make exercise a higher priority.

So basically, that's my main steps for keeping myself motivated to get in shape! As i said before however, i am no expert on this at all, this is just what has been working for me recently and what i plan to do. If you want to know anything else feel free to ask or if you have any tips you would like to give me please do leave them in the comments!

Just remember ladies, that the only workout you regret, is the one you didn't do ;).

Love to all, i'm off the the gym ;)

(all images within this post were taken from **, i do not own the rights to any)