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Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream Review!


If you follow me on twitter you will know that i am a massive fake tan fan! 

I love being bronzed. I know some people don't and they are all for embracing the white but for me, being as pale as a milk bottle is not what i am after! I get so excited when new bronzing, fake tan or tinted products come out and i have to literally try them all!

So, while i was in boots walking past the Bourjois stand i noticed this little beauty:

Here is a swatch on my hand of the product pumped straight from the bottle, rubbed in, then blended to my hand. 

The colour is actually quite scary when you first pump it out of the bottle and initially i was scared to even put this on my face! But as you can see, when it is properly blended it just gives a sheer tint to my hand as if i have a subtle tan.

The product is a facial bronzer that only comes in one universal 'adapting' shade and it claims to have 8 benefits in one bottle!

These are:
1/ Evens Skin Tone.
2/ Sheer Tint.
3/ Boosts Radiance.
4/ 16 Hour Moisturisation.
5/ Smooths Skin.
6/ Prolongs Tan.
7/ SPF 15.
8/ Refreshing Sensation.
All of these are appealing qualities to me that really make me want this product so i just had to pick it up while it was on a special introductory price of £6.99.

I decided to put all eight claims of this product to the test for you guys so here goes:

Looking a lot more tanned and healthy!

I do find this product needs quite a lot of blending to achieve an acceptable colour using a very little amount of product if you begin with skin as white as mine. I don't think i would be able to wear this on my face alone with no other makeup on a normal day though as it's just not enough coverage for me, maybe if i was on holiday or had a nice tan already!

Anyway, onto testing the eight claims since i have now tried the product out!

1/Evens Skin Tone?

I already have pretty even skin tone to be honest but this does mask my little red blemishes a bit and gives a much more even, healthy complexion.

2/Sheer Tint?

So you can already see that the tint is sheer as you can still see my face, it's not cakey at all and it gives a nice subtle glow about the face. Would be amazing for a subtle sun kissed look while sunbathing on holiday as it is really light on the face.

3/ Boosts Radiance?

It does make your skin look a bit more radiant and light, it gives a sort of dewy look and makes you look a lot more fresh which i love about this.

4/ 16 Hour Moisturisation?

So i left this on all day and my skin does feel nice and soft but i don't have dry skin on my face really anyway and makeup doesn't really drastically affect the hydration of my skin usually, but extra moisturisation is always a bonus!

5/ Smooths Skin?

This one is a hard one to prove. My skin is pretty smooth anyway i think and as this product is pretty thin it's difficult to tell if it makes your skin look more smooth or not? I'd say my skin looks as smooth as my skin looked before. It definitely feels smooth and soft with this on.

6/ Prolongs Tan?

Impossible for me to say that my tan has been prolonged as i don't have a tan on my face due to Scottish weather, haha! But it does make me look like i have a subtle tan and glow about myself which i really like.

7/ SPF 15?

SPF content is a major factor for me in picking facial products so this is always a good one!

8/ Refreshing Sensation?

This one is a good one too as it does feel sort of cooling and refreshing on the skin and i think especially when it is really warm outside this will be the perfect product! It stays quite wet (not annoyingly so) on the skin which is really refreshing too.

It also claims on the bottle to have an 'Addictive Fragrance' which to me smells exactly like the Bourjois Bronzing Powder which is my all time favourite bronzer and smells delicious like chocolate!

Overall Opinions

Basically i do really love this product and i think in the Summer months when it is a lot warmer i will use this a lot more. For now, i think my face still needs a little more coverage than this gives me so i have been using it as a bronzer and contour over my usual heavy coverage foundation which looks like this:

Using it like this, i really like! It defines my cheek bones and gives me a healthy tint to my cheeks on top of my usual foundation and powder.

So, overall i really like the product both on it's own when i want a thin layer of makeup on hotter days as well as over a base of foundation as a bronzer and cheek bone contour when i want a heavier coverage.

What i would say though, is that a LITTLE product goes a VERY long way, it is a dark cream and if you use too much on skin as white as mine you do look a bit daft! So i would say work with a tiny bit at a time and build if you want more as it is easy to go overboard with this product and look a bit like an oompa loompa!

Have you tried this?
If not, will you be?

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