Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Pictures of August!


As I haven't posted much this month (or last for that matter but we will let that slide!) I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you what August has consisted of for me in pictures!

You may, if you follow me on instagram (Ashlee_yy), have seen some of these already as I'm rather obsessed with taking pictures and uploading them to insta! Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Explanations from top left to bottom right:

The first picture is the beautiful view on one of my runs along the rail way track. Literally one of the only things I love about living in the countryside. 

Then we have my new white blazer and pink top. Obviously I've shopped a lot during August, as I do every month! But this has been one of my faves, I've wanted a white blazer for the longest time and this topshop one is just beaut!

Nandos. What more can I say, I'm obsessed!

New top, but most of all fave lipstick! You all know since I bought Rimmel's Apocalips lip colour I haven't been the biggest fan, but this month it really is growing on me in the colour galaxy and I have to admit it has been my most worn.

Eggs. I have been trying to eat healthy, workout loads and hopefully loose my fatty wee tummy! I used to hate eggs but I've been experimenting and I can honestly say, I no longer despise them.

Pink sky at night. See, the most beautiful thing about countryside living is the views. So pretty!

Scone with eyes? Yes, I'm mature. You will have seen from my birthday haul that my sister got me these edible eyes and obviously I've been sticking them on all of my families food.

This has been one of my favourite hair styles this month, so easy to do, so comfortable and still looks cute. Sometimes I just wear the doughnut alone but I think the bow adds a girly cute touch to boring outfit days.

Lastly, my new Chanel nail polish phone case. I've been loving this thing to bits. Its downfall would be that it scratched so easily but, what did I expect for under a fiver? 

Anyway, there has been my favourites for the month of August!
Hope you enjoyed them,
What have your favourites been this month?


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Primark A/W13 Wishlist!

Hello Beauties

So, if you follow me on twitter (@labellavida2), you will have seen my latest rant about Primark's rising prices. I know this has been happening for a while but i just feel now, that Primark is pretty much, with the occasional cheap little gem, the same as every other high street shop in regards to it's pricing.

I obviously have noticed the prices going up in there over some time now however looking at their A/W collection for this year has made me realise just now much, and you will see what i mean on the products i show where the prices are known!

Regardless, i still like some of Primarks collection and i thought i would share bits and bobs of it that i will probably purchase throughout AW for myself!

Strap Boots £18
Buckle Boots £18

Sweatshirt £8
Monochrome Jumper
Rose Print Jumper
Bead Blouse £14

Baroque Shorts £10
Denim Shorts £12
Black Quilted Knee Trousers
Tie-Dye Skinnies
Printed Skirt £4

Pink Biker Jacket £25
PU Sleeve Jacket
Jewel Cardigan £18
Baby Pink Coat £25

Sapphire Necklace £8
Blue Jewel Necklace
Wool Fedora £8
Chain Beanie £3
Studded Bag £20

If you want to view these items or see more of the Primark A/W13 collection you can do that here :).

Which of my top picks is your favourite?
(credit for all images used in this post goes to look.co.uk and all items can be found at this link: Look)

Monday, 19 August 2013

Happy Birthday!

Hello All

This is the most belated Birthday haul ever but, i thought i would quickly show you all what i got for my birthday! I think you all know me by now to know that i am in no way bragging, i'm extremely grateful for everything i receive from anyone and i am doing this post to show my appreciation not to brag or anything like that! So here goes!

So firstly my mam bought me this beautiful Topshop jacket which i have wanted for the longest time but just didn't want to part with £60 for it, so my beautiful mother bought it for me. 

My little sister (not so little) bought me these amazzzing Miss Selfridge shorts:

And these crazy presents, very typical of my sister and I:
Stick on food eyes, to be mature and make our food come to life.
A cute chocolate bar.
Finger Moustaches.

I love these presents, she knows me too well! 
My love for moustaches will never end! My friends and I went out for my birthday and we each wore a moustache on our fingers hence why a few are missing in the picture.
Here's me wearing mine, i've cut my friends out as i'm not sure they will all want publicised on my blog haha!:

Ok, my step-dad and my mum put a little box together for me filled with loads of the things i love! I love little cute thoughtful presents like this! As it was full of little goodies i've only included a little sample of pictures of what was inside as i would be here all day if i were to show you everything!

Then, my lovely boyfriend gave me loads of beautiful things including this massive lot:

I was in love with both of these Mean Girls themed tops and i had no idea he was getting me the shoes but he knows me too well, i love them!

However some of my fave presents aside from my mums and my sisters, were these two from Sean:

Crown Links of London charm for my bracelet.


Amazing crystal bra. I am overly in love with this, what girl wouldn't like a crystal encrusted, sequinned, beaded bra? It looks so beautiful under low arm-holed tops or low cut, backless tops and makes a statement to simple outfits. I am yet to wear it out but when i do i will be sure to post how i style it!

Thats pretty much everything i got for my birthday!
I love everyone who got me presents and wished me a happy birthday and i truly had a lovely day!
Hope you all enjoyed this haul, i have loads of hauls and reviews coming so stay tuned!