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So i'm sure you've probably heard about this through other blogs or via twitter as all of the blogging community are talking about it, and it is Mallzee!

However, if you don't know and you haven't heard, Mallzee is a new way of shopping online and their aim is to make shopping online more fun & social!

Basically you create your own 'Mallzee' by picking your favourite stores and brands from the site then, based on this, Mallzee's software picks out items that match your own personal style and showcases them in your own personal Mallzee. You can also connect with your friends via facebook, polls etc and browse other people's Mallzee!

Even more, if you, or any of your friends purchase any item which is part of your own Mallzee, you earn money to spend with Mallzee partners or donate to charity! 
What? Money for shopping? YES please!
AND..if you sign up to Mallzee now and spread the word to your friends you could be in with a chance to win £100.

Drop and drag stores into your Mallzee
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Lots of big retailers are going to be pairing up with Mallzee including Urban Outfitters, New Look, St Tropez and Feel Unique so I was very excited to be contacted by them offering me a pre-launch invitation to the site!
To get your own pre-launch invitation click HERE and start sharing the site with your friends!

What do you think about this type of online shopping?
Are you going to be signing up and get your pre-launch invitation?

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