Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Small(ish) Fashion & Beauty Haul!


I have been shopping, again, for some basics for layering this winter and a few cheap and cheerful make-up pieces! The shops have some really nice bits and pieces in just now but (although this may just be me) i'm finding that everything seems to have the same patterns or same colours, and frankly, i just find them a bit boring now! So rather than go all out on clothing i just popped to Primark, Boots, Superdrug, Matalan and Asda and picked up a few cheapy bits :).

So this is what i picked up! Grey sequined snood from Primark (£5), Polka dot bra from Matalan (£3 in sale), Two plain basic tees in Plum and Red from Primark (£3 each), Two MUA eye shadow palettes from Superdrug ('Undressed' £3 & 'Poptastic' £4), Sparkly Clutch from Matalan (£4), Light Pink coloured skinny jeans from Primark (£5 from £11), Animal print faux fur ear muffs from Primark (£3), Penguin mitts also from Primark (£2), two Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks for Rimmel from Asda (£4 each on offer) and Cherry Carmex from Superdrug (£1.95, half price for a limited time).

Although i didn't pick up much i really like all of the pieces i got and have been using the (childish yet amazing!) penguin gloves and the ear muffs all weekend! The tee-shirts are just plain and simple and are easy to layer with different coats and jeans, leggings, disco pants etc! And, the glittery clutch (which is much more glittery than the pics make out!) was a real bargain at only £4 and will be lovely with a simple LBD and my perfectly matched glittery shoes from Schuh on Christmas nights out!

I had wanted the Matte Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in shade 110 since i had seen it as i love red lips and think they suit anyone and any skin tone!

However, when i went to buy this shade, i fell in love with shade 107 of the collection:

Since Asda had them for £4 each i just bought both, and i absolutely love them both! I will get onto showing you these on the lips and swatching both in another post if you want to see a review on them?

While i was in Superdrug, i picked up two lip liners as i don't really have many and the ones i do own are mostly pinks and nudes.

I bought these two in "Red Drama" and "Brooding Plum" from MUA as i thought they went really really well with the Kate Moss lipsticks and they look lovely on the lips despite their really cheap price tag at only £1 each.

Still on make-up but moving away from lips, I have been thinking about my eyebrows lately. I hardly have any 'real' eyebrows and they just refuse to grow, they have no shape and are just really really thin and rubbish! So every day i fill in and extend my eyebrows and have used many different kits from HD Brows, Gosh's Brow Kit and Gel to Benefits Browzing's and have found the best product for me to actually be a brow pencil by Tesco's make-up range 'Vivo' which costs me £1.50! However, drawing and shaping my eyebrows every single day, although essential, takes up a bit of time! Therefore, i though i would try a new (for me anyway) product which i seen on twitter from

These are eyebrow tattoos! (£3.99 for set of three). I am however, unable to tell you how good or bad these are as i haven't used them yet because i'm waiting for a day when i am actually doing something to try them out! I am excited to see how they work out for me and i shall keep you updated on how i get on!

Annnnd, i am going to stop rambling on about my exciting (or not so!) weeks purchases now! 
Have you been buying any wintry essentials lately?
Or have any new make-up products you recommend?

Thanks for reading lovelies! 


  1. I am so intrigued to find out how the eyebrow tattoos go!! I've been debating buying some maybe you shall persuade me xx

  2. I'm excited to see how they go too! I'll keep you posted! xx

  3. Lovely blog girly! Given you a follow!

    Check out my MAC Makeup giveaway!


    1. Thanks :)
      I've followed your blog back and entered your give away,
      congrats on your followers :)

  4. I LOVE those lipstick shades, they are super gorgeous! <3
    Following you, great blog and excited to see your future posts <3

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  5. I want the Penguin Mittens!!

    Great Haul x

    1. Ahh they're so cute, i like mitts just so i can still use my phone and keep my hands warm at the same time! :D

  6. Ahh but a bit of shopping is just heavenly isn't it, there is a reason why it's called retail THERAPY LoL ;) you got some lovely things missy :) xx

  7. Are the Rimmel lipsticks long lasting?


  8. So far, i have found that they do last quite long! I have just reviewed them but i am going to wear them for a whole day over the weekend and take pictures of them every few hours and see how they fair without reapplication. xxx


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