Monday, 8 October 2012

Nailed It!


So today I decided to try magazine nails.

I have tried this before but usually I use false nails and a newspaper. So today, since I have just removed my false nails from the weekend and don't have any occasion to put new ones on for, I decided to try with a magazine on my natural nails! Here's what happened:

Basically, if you don't already know how to do this, I simply chose a magazine, cut a part out and using vodka (yes, vodka - but water works too! I just wanted to test if using alcohol made any difference) and a cotton bud, I rubbed the cut-out onto my already painted white nails, then quickly put a top-coat over to seal it all on!

Some Tips: 
  • Look for clippings with small shapes or different colour writing etc for different effects.
  • Only use clippings with text on a white background (unless of course your base colour is not white like mine). I only figured this out when I used some text which was on a black background and the black just transfers along with the text (obvious to most but, clearly not to me!) and the writing comes out faded.
  • Always use a top-coat, it makes the writing look so much bolder and seals all the font onto the nail.
Have you tired this before?
If not, are you going to?

Hope you enjoyed.


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