Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Dress Me!

I thought i would do a bit of an outfit post today but since i am only going to work later i thought rather than show you my beautiful work attire, i would ask you to help with what i should wear this weekend! The pictures are not very clear as the weather has been awful all day so trying to get good lighting was an absolute nightmare, sorry! Anyway, here's the first outfit choice:
This outfit consists of Pink Jeans £14, Black Peplum Vest £4, Black Wedge Shoes £19.99, Black Military Style Jacket £22, Necklace £7.99 and DKNY Watch (gift).

It's a simple but girly and structured look and keeps it a bit dressed up with the wedges and fitted jacket.

This is the second choice:
This outfit consists of Red Lace Peplum Top £14.99, Jeans £11, Links of London Bracelet (gift), Studded Ballet Flats £8, Black Boyfriend Fit Blazer £19.99.

This outfit is a bit more casual than the first outfit but is still girly and dressed up a bit by the red, long-sleeved peplum top and black blazer.

So now it's your choice to help me with what to wear this weekend!
Which would you pick?



  1. Great outfit, loveeee the boots and the jacket xxx

  2. OMG! That's all pretty dear! Love your military style jacket!!:p



Thanks for commenting beauties, i'll get back to you soon!