Friday, 15 March 2013

Weekend Wishing - New Find Fashion Retailers!

Hello Beautiful 

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Right, i know in my last post i was moaning about how much money i am constantly spending and my lack of job success however, that shouldn't stop me wishing, right?

So today's post is going to be a wish list post! Rather than go and buy the items i want, i am going to show them, look at them, probably cry that i don't own them, and move on... (or go buy them, the more likely outcome ;)!) 

This wishlist is a bit different however, as it is not going to include any high-street or really well known online stores, instead, i am going to focus it on smaller retailers or online boutiques as i think they sell and array of beautiful things and deserve a lot more recognition than they get! 

By this, i just mean i'm wanting to broaden my horizons from the likes of Topshop, River Island, Primark etc, and have been looking in different places!

Anyway, here is what i want:

First up, is this really quirky top from Birdy's Boutique! I love anything moustache so obviously i want this top! I have seen similar ones around town but i like the font of this one much better! This retails from Birdy's Boutique for £6.99 and you can purchase it by clicking right here. Please also follow them on twitter here.


I'm on a major hunt for cute, quirky crop-top's to go with my new RI high waisted shorts so, if you know of any please pass the link my way, i promise loads of OOTD's are coming with them! 

Anyway, this crop is from, i am in love with this print and i already have it in mini-dress form from Karma. It is very similar to body-suits i have seen in Miss Selfridge and it is a snip of the price! Follow Own the Runway on twitter here.


Talking of Karma and Crop-top's, i've fallen in love with this one. I'm so into crazy prints just now and i think this is just so quirky. I may have to purchase this but, i really am trying not to spend money! Cartoon and Monochrome all in one, what's not to love. Obviously you can purchase this clicking here, and you can follow Karma on twitter here.


I seriously have fallen in LOVE with the voodoo girl website. It has really different looking items and although i am in love with their voodoo barbie tee, i don't want to feature too much barbie! I am equally in love with this sleeveless shirt and think it would be amazing to dress down with jeans or even wear to the gym! I love everything about it. If you want this you can get it here, and follow them on twitter here.


I have a few things from already which i really need to feature in some OOTD's as i've never even worn them yet but, i really love this midi dress. It's simple but has a cute print, will be really cute in S/S13 and will be easy to dress up or dress down. They have loads of different quirky prints and styles and i know you know you want one so, go get one here, and follow them here


Doll Boutique Collection - Mean Girl So Fetch Couture T-Shirt in White with Black Print

So, i've only recently discovered Doll Boutique but i am in love with litterally everything they sell! Especially their Mean Girls themed clothing like this 'So Fetch' top, they even have a 'You Go Glen Coco' top, i NEED one in my life, this is why i need money! You can get this top, and their others here, and you can follow these beauties here.


Image of Lilac and Ivory Lace Scalloped Babydoll Dress by Kee Boutique

This dress, which i cannot stop looking at, needs to be mine. It is so cute! As is everything from thelittledeer, they sell both branded and vitage fashion and have a really cute website so please visit it here, and definitely follow them on twitter here, they deserve way more followers than they have!


Image of Ella Purple Heart Print Skirt

This is one of the cutest skirts every from one of the cutest websites ever! ModDolly is quirky website and has a range of different cute, really unique items. I really want this skirt and many more items from their site! You can check out all of ModDolly here and you should go follow them on twitter too, here!

I could list many more cute, quirky websites i have been browsing recently but looking at all the things i want from them and can't have is making me depressive!

If you like this kind of post and you find it useful to see alternative fashion retailers to the usual then please do let me know in the comments as i loved doing this and i love browsing around for fashion pretty much every day so i would love to do more!

As i said above somewhere, i really need to get myself together and get some OOTD's photographed with my new buys so i promise they're coming next!
Lots of Love


  1. They're all so cute! I want them all too *sighs* Great post :) x

    Isabel Rose

  2. I know right, I need to be rich! Thank you babe xx


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