Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Hello Lovelies! 

I'm just going to get straight to the point in this post and tell you all what i have been doing lately to get ready for summer, how i have been trying to tone up, eat healthier and show you my methods for keeping motivated! I will say now, that i am not an expert, in fact i'm a lazy cow at the best of times, but i have been trying and a lot of you have asked questions 'cos i go on and on on twitter etc so, here's some answers!

1. Why do i work out?

Ok, so i work out because i really want to be fitter and healthier this year and actually tone up for Summer and make an effort. I want to do this for myself and no one else because i want to feel better about myself and happier with my body. I want to boost my self confidence and loose my jiggly bits!


2. How often do i go to the gym?

I have a gym membership which i pay £51 a month for (this is for myself and my boyfriend so really i pay half of this, he pays the other) so i try to go to the gym as much as possible to make this worth my money! I also recently decided to go to various gym classes with my friend including BodyPump, and Bums Tums and Thighs. I really really could not reccomend that you try these classes more, they really help motivate me more than just working out alone in the gym and everyone else there helps you along and it is much more social! I love them.


3. Have i cut out all unhealthy food?

Of course not. I am a chocopizzaholic (made up word ;)), i cannot cut them out completely but what i have done is reduce my intake of them. I have a healthy week and have decided to make Sunday's my cheat day. Cheat days are a good idea as they allow you to enjoy the things you love, but not over indulge and they give you something to work towards. If i'm craving something sweet during the week i eat a cereal bar with not too much sugar or i simply eat some strawberries or grapes! One thing i have tried to completely cut from my diet is fizzy drinks and i'm doing pretty well! Maintaining a healthy diet and working hard shows results and that's what i work towards.


4. How do i snack healthily?

This one is hard for me. I eat when i'm bored rather than when i'm hungry, which i've tried to stop doing! If i am going to snack i try eat fruit, granola, crackerbreads or some blended fruits made into a fresh smoothie!  I also sometimes have Special K crisps, ryvita with pesto and tomato, carrots or cucumber sticks with low fat dip or low fat yogurts.


5. How do i keep motivated?

Ok, i have loads of steps that keep me motivated to exercise and keep healthy so i am going to bullet point them for you!

  • Pictures: Look at pictures of beaches and bikinis. This sounds mental, but looking at this reminds me that summer is coming and i would rather look good and not eat junk, than eat junk and look like a whale.

  • Friends: Working out with a friend is much easier than just working out alone, conversation can take your mind off the pain and tiredness and can help pass time quicker. It pushes you to work harder and you can motivate each other.  

  • Classes: Going to gym classes has really helped motivate me. Keeping up with the class really makes you work hard and pushes you. They are also really fun and social and are a good way of getting your days exercise done.

  • Music: This one is a given as most people find it easier to listen to music while exercising. I make a playlist dedicated to the gym and fill it full of upbeat songs that i am loving at the time. 

  • Fashion: This is a bit of a weird one but wearing nice sports wear to the gym genuinely makes me much happier about going and much more motivated to put it on and get out there! You should try it if you're a fashion lover like me, it might just help! 

  • Treats: This is my favourite motivational tool! I use this to get myself something i want, but make myself work for it. So say there is some makeup i want, i will set a goal for the month, and if i achieve this, i can then buy myself what i wanted. It helps push me to achieve and gets me some lovely treats! 

6. How do i fit exercise into my day?

Obviously everyone has other things to do with their time other than go to the gym, but if you really want something you go get it right? So if you really want that beach body you will find the time to go get it! Even if you can't fit the gym into your day you can always fit in an extra walk somewhere or a jog at night, even half an hour of a fitness DVD. You just have to dedicate time that may previously have been dedicated to something else and make exercise a higher priority.


So basically, that's my main steps for keeping myself motivated to get in shape! As i said before however, i am no expert on this at all, this is just what has been working for me recently and what i plan to do. If you want to know anything else feel free to ask or if you have any tips you would like to give me please do leave them in the comments!


Just remember ladies, that the only workout you regret, is the one you didn't do ;).

Love to all, i'm off the the gym ;)

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