Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Who Likes Short Shorts...

...apparently I do, even when its snowing outside! 

Yes, today, I really wanted to wear my denim shorts and new crop top, so, despite the snow, I did it! Just so you all know, I did wear two pairs of tights and I did wear a coat, I didn't freeze to death, in fact absolutely no one saw my crop top as I didn't remove my jacket once!

So I only went to town for a couple of hours but I thought before I left I would take a few quick pics! I'm not feeling amazing today so please excuse the lack of my face, I just wanted this ootd up as I have loaaads more planned to come!

So my top is from Primark, it says j'aime with a little Eiffel tower, it was £4, my tights are also from Primark, I have two pairs on each were £2, and my shorts are from River Island and were £25. Literally love these shorts too much! 


My little zipped Chelsea style boots were in the f&f sale and only cost me a tenner! Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos with my jacket on but, I just shoved my Mango boyfriend style jacket over with my faux fur sole and my black mittens to keep my hands warm!

Hope you like, as I say, more OOTD's to come, loads!

Hope you're all well, lots of love


  1. Replies
    1. Me too really! They're comfortable and a change from boring jeans! Xx

  2. You're a brave lady to wear short shorts in this weather (even with two pairs of tights!) but I've got to say you totally rock them!

  3. Great outfit! I'm a short addict myself, they always look amazing and are so easy to wear x I've missed wearing mine in winter so much! Might join you on the lots-of-tights front so I can wear mine again :) Thank you for the RT on my Twitter by the way! ( @blondieslens )

    Isabel Rose

    1. I've become obsessive with shorts, lots of tights is the way forward, haha. Aw you're welcome hun xx


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