Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer Review!


First of all, i haven't posted in five days, i know! I am very sorry for this but i have been feeling really really rubbish of late and am only starting to feel slightly more human today! Doing a wee fake tan and making a few new gym class plans really does make you feel better!

Anyway, today i'm reviewing two of the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer range. 

I know there have been a lot of bloggers reviewing this and everyone and their granny now owns them but some of you still wanted me to share my thoughts so here they are!

When i popped into Boots, i instantly loved all of the colours in this range. I had to stop myself from buying every single one and just settled for two! I picked Nova and Galaxy.

I'll start with Nova, go onto Galaxy then do a quick bringing together of the overall product.


I picked Nova as i hardly own any light pink lip products. I tend to shy away from these shades for some unknown reason as i really do love them but i just feel they sometimes don't suit me. Nevertheless, i bought it for a change and to try something i usually wouldn't. 

This is Nova on the Lips. (My teeth look squint, they're definitely not! My smile however, really is squint! My sister loves to mention this on a daily basis!) It's a really pretty colour despite how much i thought i would hate it. I am really really excited for Spring to hurry its ass along so i can pop this on with a little spring dress! It is definitely a cute little S/S colour!


So Galaxy is a lot darker and is sort of a burgundy wine colour. I always go for shades like this, i think they suit me and they remind me of Rimmel's Matte Kate Moss lipstick in 107 which is my ultimate fave lipstick even before MAC's Russian Red which used to be my go-to lipstick before! 

The photo's probably don't look as dark as the colour really looks in life as the lighting in my room is really bright today but it does show that it is a darker shade than Nova. The shade is less pink than it looks in these pictures, more like the swatch on my hand above.

Overall Review
I love the colours of both of these and i do not regret purchasing them, however, as with every product, i have found a few pros and cons to these which i will list for you now :):

Beautiful colour selection
Smell really nice, similar to Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks in my opinion
Pretty Packaging & Names
Really pigmented
Nice change from a normal gloss or lipstick
Not sticky

Don't have that long a staying power on the lips
Don't dry

Adding comments to the cons, i would say that what really annoys me about these products are they are messy, i apply the product, sometimes go a bit overboard, and i literally find it every where! All over my teeth and face and it's unfixable so i just have to start again.

I also don't like how they stay wet. I know they are not a lipstick and that's fine, and i love that they are not sticky like a lot of lip glosses, but i just find they are a bit too wet. This also means that they don't stay on very long in my opinion, as soon as i drink a coffee it's pretty much off, meaning i have to re-apply a few times in a day!

Although i have a few issues with this product, overall i think the colours and pigmentation probably make them a worthwhile buy to me! 

I really want Big Bang, but i'm not too sure if i will invest as i honestly prefer lipsticks. I am glad i gave these beauties a go though and i will definitely use up the two i have bought!

Do you own any of the Rimmel Apocalips collection?
Do you find them the same as i do or do you absolutely love them?



  1. Yeah, it kinda irritates me too that they don't dry... Ha. Great review sweetie! Ooooh, how on earth do you get your teeth so white! They're pretty! Haha :P XX

    1. It is annoying, but don't know what i expected really! Aw thank you hun, don't do anything, just use colgate max white one every morning and a normal toothpaste at night :) xx

  2. i keep getting it on my face simply because they dont dry completely! maybe im just being a novice.. haha.
    X X

    1. I get it everywhere! Glad it's not just me! xx

  3. I'll have to check these out! Cute colours x

    Isabel Rose

    1. They are pretty good, lovely pigmentation just a shame i can't get on with the consistency xx


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