Thursday, 28 February 2013

Monochrome Nails!

Hey guys 

How are we all this week? I'm having a really good week despite no advances on the job front but hey ho, life continues! I've been looking at clothing and things recently getting myself really excited to come out of Wintry clothing into more flowery, colourful fashion! However, despite my love of colour, i've found myself really drawn to the monochrome trend once again..

I just love simple, classic black and white looks and i think it is a really easy trend to dress up as well as down for a more casual look. I am loving the trend so much just now actually, that i have been inspired to transfer it to my nails!

Not really going to give a full blown tutorial on these as they are pretty simple really, just need a steady hand! I will however, quickly run through what i did for each of them just to help you out a bit if you want to recreate these yourself :)

You need:
I used false nails which cost me £1 from Primark, obviously you can do it on real nails if you want.
Nail art pen in black.
Any white nail polish.
Any clear topcoat.
That's all ;).

What to do:
I use false nails as i did these before bed, using falsies gives me time to let the nails dry without ruining them and as i work in a restaurant i can't wear them until the weekend so, this way they are prepared and ready to stick on for an instant transformation.

Therefore, what i do is pick out the false nails that fit each finger and i then sellotape them onto a clear plastic box (or to any hard, still surface). I do this to keep the nails still and steady on a hard backing just to make painting them a whole lot easier. Then, as these were french tipped nails, i just painted every one of them with two coats of white polish, then using the black nail art pen, i created different monochrome styles on each:

Basically, i find it best to use the pen part of the nail art pen (left photo below) to do the heart and the dots, however the little brush part of the pen (right photo below) is much better for doing straight lines by just brushing along the nail as well as filling in the black part and creating the triangle of the second nail. 

Then, once i had created all the looks i wanted to with the nails i basically waited for them to dry, threw on a top coat and left them to dry over night still stuck to the plastic box. Then, when i was ready i just carefully peeled them off the tape and stuck them on my real nails with nail glue, simples!

Are you guys into the monochrome trend?
Would you do this to your nails?
Thanks for reading, lots of love -


  1. love your nail look, looks great :) xx

  2. These look amazing, such skills!

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  3. these look so gorgeous :) xx

  4. I love monochrome nails! I've just some on my blog if you want to see mine :) Yours look great

  5. Loving this. I'm crap at nail art as my hands are too shaky! Might have to try doing it on falsies next time, as I imagine it's much easier.
    Mel x

    1. I am really rubbish too, it's def easier on the falsies though!xx


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