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Men & Womens S/S 2013 Fashion Guide!

Hello Ladies & Gents 

Today's post is a bit different as it is going to feature a few key fashion trends that are hot this Spring/Summer. Not only is this post going to be for women's fashion, but I have got the lovely Kieron from involved to talk about hot men's trends!

Avoiding waffling on and on, here's Kieron's take on men's fashion trends for S/S13:

One of the main problems with monitoring men’s fashion developments is the fact that, for the most part, male clothing does not usually boast the wild new styles that will often dominate trends for their female counterparts. Whereas women’s fashion over the last twelve months has boasted an explosion of outrageous or eye-catching styles, such as spikes and cork wedges, men’s trends have all been somewhat more conservative and staid. So, when looking forward to the trends that are likely to make the biggest splash for male dressers this Spring, it is best not to expect anything overly revolutionary and, instead, subtlety and slight tweaks on classic designs are likely to be key.

Making It Pop! 
Most men’s high street retailers usually begin to fade out all but the most autumnal hues from their clothing ranges from as early as September with greys, blacks, khaki and blues dominating the colour pallet through to the end of winter. Judging by the Spring collections of designers such as Nautica and Michael Kors, however, men’s fashion is set to become much more vibrant this season! Whilst the spate of primary colours, contrasted against crisp whites and blacks, are not quite as vivid as the colour blocking trend favoured in female fashion circles, the colours do mark something of a bold step away from the muted colour scheme many male designers employ.

In the Shops:
From top Left to Bottom Right (click to buy):

Bold Accessories 
In recent years, men have seen the idea of accessorising an outfit as somewhat problematic – even bags had to have the prefix “man” attached so as to negate any perceived emasculatory qualities carrying one may add. Thankfully, many designers have begun to see past such short-sightedness and a new emphasis on bold accessories is likely to come to the forefront. Similarly to how Michael Kors ensembles have clearly taken colour blocking as an inspiration, many lines are due to feature brightly coloured accessories such as watches, bags, shoes and ties to further help men add dynamism to their outfits.

In the Shops:

Subtle Patterns 
As mentioned previously, men’s fashion is not quite as flamboyant or daring as their female counterparts and, as such, whilst prints, such as floral or animal, can be widely embraced by women dressers, men prefer their items devoid of any such embellishments. Aside from the odd logo, most men’s fashion comes in bland, pattern free designs; something which might be altered slightly come Spring. Dolce & Gabbana and Parke & Ronen are two of the powerhouse brands that have begun to experiment with patterns that could be adopted by mainstream men’s fashion. However, as mentioned before, most men’s styles are quite conservative so the print which is most likely to make its mark on the high street this year is the subtle stripe. 

Oxford Lace-ups
Whilst I have previously been using the word “conservative” to describe the men’s fashion trends, occasionally this is not altogether a bad thing as evidenced by the recent renaissance of 1920s style “gentlemen” inspired trends. From the widespread comeback of blazers as an integral feature for young men’s wardrobes, through to tailored suits being seen more and more on the backs of male fashionistas, the trend for smart is set to continue. Whereas previously, many men have thought nothing of teaming trainers with even the most formal of attires, the Spring is set to see an increase in popularity of smarter shoes. Oxford lace-ups, as favoured by the likes of George Clooney, are the most likely style of shoe to be widely appropriated.

In the Shops:


Now for my take on the hottest trends in women's fashion:

So women's trends tend to be easier to define, are anything but subtle, and are usually everywhere! This S/S the hottest trends seem to include a few new takes on old trends as well as some funky, colourful designs to brighten up the likely rubbish UK weather! Here's my main trends:

Monochrome seemed to be a trend which never really: ended in women's fashion from last year as i remember picking up a few bits myself! It has reappeared recently and can be seen everywhere! I love bright colours but you can never really go wrong with a bit of classic black and white. A lot of shops have jumped on the monochrome bandwagon so there are loads and loads of different styles and varieties you can pick up on the high street and online, i've included a little selection of my favourite picks.

In the Shops:

Dip Dye
This is another trend, like most women's trends, that i feel goes in and out of fashion. I am really loving dip dyed clothing just now though and it is definitely going to be big this Spring/Summer! I am actually failing at making my own dip dye shorts which i promise, even if they do completely fail, will be up on my blog very soon for you to see!

In the Shops:

Slogan Tees
Controversial trend at the moment but i'm loving it and i know a lot of you are too! Topshop i think was the first to sell their 'Geek' top which flew off the shelves despite the number of people i have heard saying they dislike them. Then Primark and others soon followed by introducing their versions of the top. Now there are loads of different variations and loads of sellers. If you don't like this trend, i think you are going to find it a difficult one to avoid this S/S!

In the Shops:

Continuing Trends
Other trends which are continuing from last year into this year are florals, studs and spikes and denims. These trends are carrying on and have been particularly popular within women's fashion throughout last year, all through the Winter into this S/S. I am not going to include examples of these as i'm sure a lot of you are seeing spiked, floral and denim things every where and i can't even pick some faves, i love them all! Particular places i've been eyeing up these trends are Primark, Missguided, Boohoo and Motel.

**Just a note, all 'In the Shops' examples were picked by myself, so the men's ones do not necessarily represent what Kieron (or any other man for that matter) would pick!**

Hope you liked this collaborative post and i hope for more of this kind to come.

Please go visit Kieron's blog by clicking right here: and go follow him on twitter by clicking right here: @kieronbarr!

What are your fave trends for S/S13?



  1. Thanks for inviting me to do this - it was a pleasure!

    Loving some of the women's looks - the monochrome look is my fave. Fully approve!

    1. No problem! Thank you for doing it :).

      Aw i really think monochrome is my fave too!

  2. I love the monochrome playsuit! I just did I post on wearing monochrome actually!


    1. I want this playsuit really bad but they're out of my size! :(.

      Great post!


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