Monday, 25 February 2013

Spring Series #1 - Babyliss Volume Waves!


I'm starting a little Spring Look Book where i am going to post Spring inspired hair, make-up and fashion posts to give you some fun ideas and hopefully you can share some with me too!

Today, i am focusing on hair. Spring always makes me think of the beach and picnics despite how cold it is probably going to be here in Scotland! So today's post is really loose beachy waves styled with Spring in mind!

For this look, I let it my hair air dry, hence my lovely messy top knot bun on top of my head. Then, i sprayed with heat protection, brushed it out, sprayed my hair with a little hair spray to dirty it a bit and make it less soft after washing and then it looked like this, i'm a lucky (or unlucky in my eyes) one and my hair drys pretty naturally straight.

Then i get onto the waves!

I should probably have done a video to represent this but, i'm not confident enough for that yet! Basically, i'm sure you all know how to curl your hair, but as you can maybe see, i really hate using the clamps on curling tongs as they leave a massive kink in the bottom of my hair so i don't use it, instead, i just wrap hair from to the bottom the top as i would with my wand.

I just sectioned my hair and used the Babyliss Volume Waves on each section at 200 degrees. I used this curler instead of my wand as it has a much thicker barrel and creates the loose waves i am looking for in this look rather than the tighter curls my wand creates. Unfortunately  i am doing this tutorial just after washing my hair, meaning it is too soft to really hold the waves well. I would reccomend using second day hair for this to work better!

This is how my hair turned out:
You can see that the hair is not curled, but rather really loosely waved and has a little bit of a nice curly flick on the ends. I usually would leave my hair like this as i really like the messy, loose wave effect this curler gives and i think it just looks casual, effortless but still pretty.

However, as this is part of my Spring look book series, i thought i would add a few simple things to make this look a bit more Spring appropriate and cute.

For this first look, i have pinned up by backcombing underneath and used a little pink bow to keep it together at the back. I realise you can't see the bow very well in this picture but you get the idea ;).

This second look (excuse my squinting in the sun) is obviously just using a big flower to clip my fringe to the side. Even thought it's basic its a really cute classic look and would look really pretty for S/S teamed with a cute little dress and flats or even a floral top and jeans.


Then finally, for these two looks i've used two little different coloured flowers on the left picture which i think is really cute and even more flowers could be layered using different colours and sizes! The right picture is just a tiny little peach coloured bow which isn't pictured amazingly but rather than clip anything back with it i have just slid it in and kept it simple.

I also think using a floral headband or tying the styled hair up with a floral band would be really cute so i will have to invest in some of those to style like this!

Do you like any of these styles?
What would you like to see next in my Spring series?


  1. Really like this :) looks pretty. Thank you for the inspiration :D

  2. You look gorgeous as ever! I have this curling wand, and I love it too.. so easy, and perfect for everyday use! xx

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Thanks babe :).
      It is perfect for a casual effortless look, love it too!


  3. New to your blog! Following you now. You have such pretty hair. ♥

    P.S. I am having a giveaway at my blog. Do enter. :) x

    1. Aw thank you so much sweetie :)

      I'll have a look :)!

  4. Hi! I found you on Northern Beauty's blog hop :) I really love your hair and think you're really gorgeous!

    I followed you on GFC :D Do check out my blog too! Its rather new but I do try my best with it :D

    xx, Sam

    1. Aw thank you very much! So sweet :).

      I'll definitely take a look



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