Thursday, 27 December 2012

Boxing Day SALES!


Every year without fail, my mum and i hit the sales on boxing day so we headed out early morning and although I didn't end up with as many purchases as I normally do, I did get a few bits that I thought I would show you guys, so here goes :-):

Taking photos of myself is difficult just now without a tripod but I did include a few posy pics trying to show you some items :-)

So I spent ages in Next buying loads including..

Santa socks reduced from £6.50 to £2.

Blazer, tee and snood combo reduced from £32 to £14.

Heart jumper reduced from £28 to £14.

Fluffy berry cardigan reduced from £38 to £18.

Floral Blouse reduced from £15 to £7

Then I popped into Matalan where things were also half price or less and picked up:

Shorts reduced from £5 to £2.50. 

Red floaty short top reduced from £8 to £4.

Then I quickly ran into h&m where I didn't actually see anything exciting and only bought this scarf which I've wanted forever:

Mint scarf reduced to £4 from £8.

Then i also picked up some cute underwear from M&S and Matalan:

First pants M&S £2.50 reduced from £5.
Bra £3 reduced from £6.
Pants £1.20 reduced from £3.

I also picked up another blouse and top from Next which happen to be in the wash but i'm sure they will feature in a OOTD very soon!

Did you pick up anything in the sales?
If you did I would love to see so if you've blogged it leave me your link :-) 


  1. great bargains, i haven't faced the sales yet! xxx

    1. thanks, yeh they were a bit crazy on boxing day! xx

  2. Looks like you to some lovely things, the mint coloured scarf is gorgeous! X

    1. thanks, i wanted the scarf for ages just didn't want to pay £8 for it hahaha, such a stinge.



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