Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Dior J'adore Beautifying Body Milk

Hey beauties

I know my giveaway is supposed to be up by now, and I promise you all it really will be soon, I've just changed my mind on what I want to be in it and I want to wait until I have the products for you to start it! It really will defo be up next week!

OK, onto today's topic. Basically this week I've been doing nothing of much excitement, been at the gym, working and have become rather obsessed with instagram!

However, with spare time on my hands I thought I would try out my Dior J'adore Body Milk that I got for Christmas in a perfume set!

On first impressions I obviously love the smell of this as I love the perfume, actually love mostly all Dior products so, really I already knew I'd love this fragrance.

I'm really rubbish at describing smells but its quite floral and not overly strong, its just really lovely! 

The consistency is something I love most about this product though! Its really light and creamy and not at all sticky like I find most moisturisers. 

It rubs in really easily and it only leaves a subtle smell on your skin rather than a really strong smell which personally I hate in a moisturising product.

I need to invent some way to allow you guys to smell this through blogger as it really is lovely!

Overall, I think you guys can already tell that this is a rave review and I definitely recommend this moisturiser, as do I also recommend the J'arode perfume.

The Miss Dior perfume is my ultimate favourite perfume ever and this is genuinely a close rival, I'm in love. Obviously, like everything, this won't be everyone's cup of tea but I defo recommend you go in and smell it if you're after a new fragrance.

I used this product all over my body and it has made my skin really nice and soft and there is no wet or stick feeling after it is rubbed in. Just silky soft lovely smelling skin!

Have you tried this beautifying body milk by Dior? 

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