Thursday, 18 April 2013

eBay & Amazon Wishlist!

Hello m'lovelies!

First off, i am so sorry that i have not blogged in ages! I have been really stressy about things and have had a lot on my mind and though there is no excuse, i will hopefully be back to blogging twice a week or more from now on!

Anyway, today i am going to be giving you guys my eBay wishlist as i've been lusting over a few bargain items and i really want to share them with you guys so you can maybe pick up a bargain too! 

First off this this Feline top in copy of the Celine Paris tees. I love this and have for ages, not sure why i haven't bought it yet! You can pick it up by just searching on eBay but the cheapest seller i could currently find was here.

Next, is this Boy London skater skirt seen on Rihanna and Jesse J. I have also loved this for a while and think it's sure cute to dress up and down! More than likely not real BL but, i'm definitely ok with imitation. The cheapest eBay seller i could find was here.

I have wanted an oversized mint jumper for the longest time, these eBay ones come in loads of different colours and are so cheap that i need one in my life! They are here.

These are out of stock in my size but, i really need them! I know it's coming up for Summer but, i live in Scotland, there is a very high chance i will get good wear out of them! You can get these here.

Leigh style skinny jeans in loads and loads of rainbow colours! Granted, there are not many colours left of these on this seller right now, but you can still give them a try here.

I don't even like JD but i like this top. I've seen a few people wearing it and i think it goes really well with skinny jeans and a leather jacket or tucked into a black skater skirt with heels for a night out. And, it's really cheap! Here. They also have similar ones if you search about on Amazon such as coca-cola ones!

MAC single eye-shadow in Idol Eyes. These claim to be genuine and i'll take their word for it but at the end of the day i like the colour of the eye-shadow and £7.99 is not going to break the bank! Here.

Uch, i go on about this all the time yet i still haven't forked out for it. I just am a little sceptical on the claimed results but, i might just bite the bullet and try it. It's a lot cheaper than most other whitening toothpastes too! You can get it here.

Such a good price for the Real Techniques Core Collection. Defo going to be purchasing this from Amazon and you can too here.

This Mary Jane Fashion high waisted. faux leather skater skirt has been on my list for a while. It looks lovely and i think these skirts are so on trend and go with just about anything! You can pick this up here.

This skull cardi isn't every ones cup of tea but, it is mine! I think it's just so casual and comfy but stylish at the same time and i love anything slouchy to laze around in and at only £22.99 you can't really go wrong so, here it is.

Fifteen quid is not cheap for a sponge, but i really want to try the beauty blender so, maybe next time i get paid this will be my slight splurge product! You can get the beauty blender here.

And thats pretty much all i'm lusting after from eBay and Amazon!

If you have any of these or have bought anything exciting from eBay or Amazon please do let me know in a wee comment, i love bargain hunting and i would love to add more of your recommendations to my list!

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  1. Ohhhhh I love the first top and the boy london skirt! Great finds xx

    1. I know, I think I'm going to have to buy the top! Xx

  2. The boy loondon skirt is really nice! never even thought of looking on amazon for the beauty blenders!xx

    1. I know, I never used to think about amazon but now I search it for everything haha! Xx

  3. Always wanted the beauty blender! And you should really invest in the real technique brushes! So good :) Great blog btw! Love your style :) xx

    1. Same, just feel its so much money for a sponge! Haha. I know I need to get them, everyone recommends them!

      Aww that's so lovely thank you :-)


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