Sunday, 18 November 2012

Poundland Purchases!


So i don't know about any of you guys but i really love to have a look in Poundland. It often has little bits and bobs that are well worth picking up as they are much more expensive everywhere else! 

So, while i was in town the other day i decided to pop in and have a little look. I resisted buying loads and loads of stuff but i did pick up a few thing which i'll share with you guys!

On this trip i picked up all of the above for £1 each. 

The first thing is a gold dazzle eye-dust by colour addict called 'Gold Digger'. 

It is a beautiful colour, i've been looking for a gold eye product for ages so i thought it would give this one a go. The only downfall of this i think, is that it is a really loose powder and litterally gets everywhere, so i'd advise wearing pjammas or something while you're applying and do your eyes before you finish off your face!

This is just one swipe of it across my hand and although you can't see quite how shimmery it is it does show how pretty and quite subtle the colour is just using a little product.

I also picked up two nail polishes, the first one is this in 'Ariel' from Chit Chat.

This polish looks really really lovely in the bottle, however, on the nail it is actually a bit of a let down and is really just a blue-glitter top coat! I was a bit disappointed with this to be fair as i thought it would be a bit more coverage and it also takes ages to dry and smells really strong!

With just one coat (ignore the chipped gold underneath!) 

Two coats.

I do actually think this polish would be really nice with a blue base colour or a green or something rather than just on my natural nail but i still don't absolutely love it. At least i don't feel like i wasted loads of money on it!

I also got this one by Revlon Matte Suede in 507 'Fire Fox':

I really like the colour, its a sort of shimmery red with tiny tiny bits of glitter in it. It does dry matte which i'm loving just now:

(excusing my quick mess!)

This picture doesn't really show how matte it dries as this had to be taken with my camera flash on! I love anything matte just now from lipsticks to nail polishes so i love the finish of this! If you didn't want it to be matte however you could always shove a shiny top-coat over it. It's a lovely colour, i love the finish and it dries quite fast!

Then, i bought one more eye product from Rimmel London:

This is the Rimmel Eyeful Glistening Eye Crayon in shade 100 'Girls Only'. It's a really sheer pink shiny colour and looks lovely on the eyes.

Pretty pretty, i've been wearing this with a light browny colour blended to the corners and the crease of my eye and it looks really subtle and nice! It's quite creamy so i would advise using an eye primer before applying to stop it creasing throughout the day.

Annnnd that's all i picked up in Poundland this time!

Would you be interested in seeing future Poundland purchases?
Do you look in there sometimes for a bargain?



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